One of the items I listed on my birthday wish list was peonies. They are my absolute favourite flower. Why? Not sure really. There’s something very luxurious about them, about they open up & have so many layered petals. They’re very delicate too. One rain shower & you’ll find peony confetti covering the garden path. One thing is certain – we’ll definitely be planting peonies in the garden when the time comes. Sadly, they probably won’t bloom for three years, but when they day, I’ll be overjoyed!


Until then I will be buying peonies whenever I see them.¬†Unfortunately¬†my OH couldn’t find any peonies for my birthday, as it was a bit early so when I saw some at Burford Garden Company over the weekend, I had to buy them. They’re now sitting on my desk, in pride of place! Beautiful!

What’s your favourite flower? Does anyone know a good way to preserve flowers?

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