It does seem quite odd, that one of the hottest, sunniest days of the year, most of the UK was indoors watching TV! But it just wouldn’t be right not to watch the Wimbledon’s Finals, which we did over the weekend, ladies & mens. It was a fantastic weekend! Not only that, we christened our brand new BBQ too – there wasn’t a raindrop in sight! We recently bought a Weber Smokey Joe, as it’s small enough for two, which makes it easy to clean, use & store.

BBQI am very pleased that since becoming vegetarian 10 years ago, there has been an increase of products suitable for BBQing veggies. Both Quorn & Linda McCartney do great BBQ burgers & sausages that cook well, brown & taste delicious. Mixed in with corn on the cob & a few veggie skewers, you’ve got yourself a great tasting meal! I just hope that the summer weather continues for us to use it many more times before the Autumn returns!

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    • We’re hoping to have lots this summer and try and experiment a bit more too. Are there any parks near you that allow BBQ’s? You’ll have to organise a BBQ party!

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