When I became vegan back in September, I had no idea how much it would impact on my wardrobe. While I knew that fur was incredibly cruel and pointless, I never made the connection between that and leather, wool or silk. There are lots of different ideas about what you should do with animal derived items in your wardrobe when you become vegan. As I don’t want to waste anything, and am on a budget, I’m looking to replace items as and when they wear out or when I can afford them. When I mention this to friends, they often ask the question about what vegan shoes and clothes look like, probably thinking of stereotypical vegan ideas i.e. head to toe in hemp. (Not that that would be a bad thing, considering the fact that hemp is one of the most eco-friendly fibres on the planet, but that’s another story!) So when Phil told me to go to The Third Estate website, I wondered what he had found. My friends, he found a one stop shop for your vegan clothing needs!

The Third Estate

{1. Matt & Nat Tierra bag – £108. || 2. Spruce Pom by Brick Beanies – £24. || 3. Three Eye Shoe by Vegetarian Shoes – £110. || 4.  Running Foxes jumper by Slyde – £30. }

I am in love with the Matt & Nat bags. I will definitely be saving up for one (or two!) of those. I also love that you can get a range of shoes, from different places, at The Third Estate. Although, I now have a quandary about which ones to get! I want so many different styles! Everything is clearly labelled, including whether it is sweatshop free or is made with organic fibers, which is really important to me. This is definitely going to be one of my go to online shopping sites from now on.

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