One of the presents I got for my birthday was a pair of pants, but not just any pants. It was a pair of pants by Who Made Your Pants.



These gorgeous pants are made in Southampton, UK, using fabric destined for the bin by the big companies. The pants I was given were made by Nisha and Zuhra and you can read all about them here. ¬†Not only are the pants incredibly well made, they’re comfy and help to support women working right here in the UK. Not bad eh? They might be a bit pricier than your discount high street retailer, but you know where they’ve come from, who’s made them and you’ve helped to employ someone in the UK and that’s priceless.¬†Ethical, comfy, sexy and good for the UK. I know where I’ll be buying more of my pants from. How about you? Who made your pants?

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