For a long time now I’d really wanted some succulent plants in the house. I think one of the things I like about them is the fact that they don’t need much looking after, which is essential for any plant in this house! I have been known to kill cactuses. This is because I overwatered them, but my OH is pretty good at keeping plants alive so I trust him with watering now! So where to go to get some succulents? Well, I follow Waddesdon Manor on Twitter so I decided we’d head to their plant centre for a mooch about. It was the day after my birthday, so the weather wasn’t great, which is why we only visited the Plant Centre. It’s got parking right outside, which is fab, but it also has a little train which will take you to other parts of the Manor – How awesome is that?! Definitely going back to try that out!

We had a quick look at the plants outside, but when it started raining we headed inside & discovered a little cafe! Winner! We shared a cafeteira of coffee, which was very nice but the best bit was this delicious gluten-free chocolate cake. Amazing!

Delicious cake

Once we were fully satisfied, we had a good look around the plant centre. They had some really lovely plants, for inside & out, as well as a decent amount of seeds. They also had some lovely bits & pieces for the garden, like tableware, candle holders, blankets & cushions. But we were there for succulents! I couldn’t decide upon a few small individual ones & a pot already made up so got both.

Frank Cooper


I’m in the market for a vintage/retro something to put the bottom plant into but can’t find anything that grabs my fancy just yet. The little dog money box is from the Blue Cross vintage shop in Summertown, Oxford. Isn’t it cute?! I’m so pleased to finally have some succulents. Now all I need to decide is where to put them – any tips on best locations would be greatly appreciated!

We also bought some things in the little shop in the front of the plant centre, which I’m saving for another post. We got some really nice cards and strawberry jam, and I bought a butterfly necklace (my obsession continues) & a lovely blue bird scarf. There’s so much to see & do at Waddesdon! It’s an amazing place. They don’t allow dogs, so little Poppy will have to stay at home and we’ll have to go a few times to explore it all but I can’t wait to go back!

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