A little while ago, I blogged about the fitness resolutions that I was making & hoping to stick to. As it’s the end of the month, I wanted to report back!

30 Day Shred

I have successfully exercised everyday throughout January! How? By completing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Well I say complete, I haven’t finished it yet! You’re supposed to spend 10 days on each of the three levels. But I wasn’t ready to move on after the first 10 days, as my Twitter followers will know – there were tears! So I decided that I needed to double the amount of time I spent on each level, so that I spent 20 days on each level. I realise this means I’ll end up completing the 60 Day Shred, but if this means I’m fitter & stronger by the end of it, then I don’t mind that at all. While it’s not the easiest fitness DVD, it doesn’t take long before you can see physical results. So all the pain, the sweat and the tears are definitely worth it! I’m already looking at the rest of her range to see what I should move on to next, so if you’ve got any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Sadly, I haven’t been running. Initially, the snow & ice stopped me going out. But I’ve realised that running isn’t for me, well, my joints have let me know this. While not running, but doing the shred, I haven’t been in any pain at all, whereas I am when I run. So I’m going to stick with shredding for the moment, and then turn my attention to cycling when the weather is better.  I hope that one day I can return to running, when my body is stronger & lighter, but for now I’ll be taking to the tarmac on little Rusty!

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