A little while ago, as I was sitting at my desk, someone on Twitter asked if anyone wrote a craft blog. Always keen to introduce my blog to new readers, I suggested mine. Lo and behold they liked it!

The person who had tweeted the request is the editor for Popular Crafts magazine and asked if I would be happy for my little blog to be featured. No need to ask! Feature away! I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy of this month’s edition and am so proud to see my blog in such a fantastic craft publication. If someone had told me that my blog would be in a magazine one day, I would’ve thought they were crazy! But here it is…A Crafty Chai in Popular Crafts!

Thanks so much for the opportunity Katharine. You’ve made my day! x

Popular Crafts

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  1. My daughter in print! Woo hoo! Congratulations love, so proud.
    Can you imagine what your grandparents would be feeling right now!
    You must be over the moon. Can’t wait to see it xxx

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