So I’ve finally done it. I’ve opened up a shop on Folksy to sell some of my silver jewellery that I’ve been making while attending jewellery-making classes.

Crafty Chai Trio Pendant The pendants are all handmade by me & I’ve tried to make them reasonably priced. I’ve bought equipment so that I can make silver jewellery at home. This is because the cost of classes has gone up by £40. I’m hoping to go to a local silversmith group so if I have any questions I can utilise their expertise but for now I’ll be making my little bits & pieces at home. Fingers crossed that I don’t burn the house down while I’m soldering away!

As well as some silver bits and pieces I hope to sell some knitted items – such as brooches, hats, headbands and maybe even socks if I get to grips to knitting with a circular needle!

Please feel free to have a look at A Crafty Chai on Folksy! Thanks x

Crafty Chai Duo Pendant

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