When our friends told us they were expecting a baby due back in May I thought that it would be an excellent opportunity to give them something handmade & a way to improve my knitting skills by way of a blanket.

Baby BlanketLittle did I know how long it would it take me! Mainly because I didn’t follow a pattern. I know, I know, it’s my own fault. But I like ‘free styling’ as I said to my friend Mary, a very accomplished knitter. In hindsight a pattern would have been a really good idea but this is something unique that they will (hopefully) keep for ever!

One of the reasons it’s really unique is because of some of the ‘mistakes’ I made. For example, the boarders running down the side of the blanket ended up being about 10 rows short. Gutted. So I had to knit a bit more. Not so difficult but I’d never knitted a different colour into something and had to attach it to the side as well. I’d also run out of cream wool so had to unpick one of my unused blue squares & knit two extra blue ones.

Despite the fact that this blanket has taken me months (clearly not a potential career!) & I haven’t really known what to do & the baby was born before I finished it, I have really enjoyed knitting this. I think that it looks pretty good.

I just hope our friends and their baby boy like it too. xBlanket Preparation

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