So, as I’ve written about my perfect date night before, I thought I’d write about how I would like to spend an evening all to myself.

Date Night

Firstly, I’d start off with a big old soak in tub. Throw in a Lush bath bomb, a glass of wine and a good book and I can be in there for about an hour. I make the bathroom into a bit of a sauna, as I like the bath really hot. Then, I’d phone my favourite Chinese takeaway and put in an order for sweet and sour beancurd with egg fried rice and veggie spring rolls. This is my absolute favourite meal ever and my OH isn’t a massive fan of Chinese so we don’t have it that often. When he’s out for dinner, I pretty much always get a Chinese!

Once I’ve dished up my dinner, poured myself another glass of red wine, Poppy, my date night companion, and I will settle down to a night of The Walking Dead. I’ve got the first three series on box set and will be getting the fourth as soon as it’s out. Just need my OH to plan a few trips out!

How about you? What would be your ideal date night?

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