I’ve written a few posts about the ongoing changes we’re making to our home. It’s still a work in progress – does that ever change? The list of things we need to do is quite overwhelming and with a very depleted budget, we’re kind of stagnating and ignoring all the jobs. We’ll probably tackle the garden next, when we’ve got a few good weather weekends. We’ve spent soooooooo long on the garden that we want to just get some plants in and leave it the hell alone. It’s sucking out my will to live! We still only have one plant in it and it wasn’t something we put in. It’s much easier to make small, but noticeable changes to the house. For instance, we switched our lounge around a bit by bringing in the big wingback chair from my room and moving the bookcase out. It’s practically transformed the lounge. Love when that happens, and it didn’t cost a penny! Some of our other most recent changes have been born out of necessity.

Spice Rack

This littls unassuming spice rack has made a massive difference in our teeny, tiny kitchen. Previous to this, our spices were just in the cupboard, taking up a lot of space and it wasn’t easy to find them. With the resurgence of cooking from scratch, being able to see what spices we’ve got, what we need to order and which ones are going out of date, has been essential. We desperately needed a better way to store our spices. So one Sunday, we headed to Yarnton Antiques, one of my favourite places, and spent about 15 minutes, looking and picking up these few things. That’s all the time it took and boy, where we pleased with our purchases! This little spice rack cost about £12. It looks like a chap put it together in his garage for his wife to store her spices and for that reason, it reminds me of my grandad, because that’s the kind of thing he’d have done for my nana. It’s absolutely perfect, fits in the kitchen a treat and is ideal for our little collection of spices.

Bread tin

We’ve also been looking for something to store our kindling in. We’ve had it in a basket, but this doesn’t work well, as you get bits all over the floor. Plus we wanted something fire resistant, as we keep it all quite close to the wood burner. We found this old bread tin, and again, it was really reasonable. I’ve wanted something like this for ages, but there’s just no room for it in our kitchen and we don’t eat that much bread, but the kindling fits in perfectly so we’ve got it in the lounge, ready for next winter.

Spoons Before

We also spied this little unassuming box. I had a peek inside and found these old spoons. They were on sale for £2.50. It would have been a crime to leave them there, so they were added to the pile, knowing it’d take me about 10 minutes to clean them up when I got home.

Spoons During

It didn’t take long to get them clean. I used some silver polish and my silver cloth to get them spruced up and they are gorgeous! They’ve got some markings on the back, which is on my list to research to see if we’ve picked up something really ancient. Either way, we’ve got a lovely set of spoons for a really good bargain.

Spoons After

It’s not very often I can walk into a shop and find three things that I really want/need, find them within budget and agree with my OH that they’re the right thing. They’re just perfect for our little house!

Have you found any great things for your home recently? Any planting tips for the garden or good places to find antique bargains?

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