For me, one thing I always remember about Bonfire Night is having to wear woolly gloves. I don’t think it was about it being really cold in November, but more to protect my hands from the sparklers as I wrote my name. I was thinking about this the other day when I was walking Poppy and it was really cold and needed to pick up after her. I was wearing my mittens, which are gorgeous, but they don’t really work when needing to poopy scoop. So I need a pair of those filp mittens (not going to even attempt to knit myself, as it’ll take me until next winter to knit one!) to help keep my paws warm but also stay on top of my dog walking duties.

mittens fairisle fleece lined mittens stripy stitch Loveheart

1. Winter Fairlsle Mittens, Fat Face £18 // 2. Fair Isle Gloves, Boden £29 // 3. Fleece Lined Overflap Mittens, Fat Face £18 // 4. Stripy Stitch Gloves, Boden £19 // 5. Loveheart Flop Mitt, White Stuff £17.50 {All images via their respective sources}

I really like the fair isle gloves but am leaning towards the stripy stitch pair. I’m only thinking about gloves as I have quite the winter hat collection and have lots of different scarves so don’t need to be buying any more. But gloves that will keep me cosy & not get in the way of my dog owner duties are high on my list of essentials right now!

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    • Wearing gloves, hats & scarves is something I really look forward to in the colder months here! It’s nice to have different accessories!

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