It’s almost time for our four year anniversary in our little home and boy have we done a lot of work to it! Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Damp course
  • Replastered some walls (seriously, our house is where artex comes to die!)
  • Replaced 3 windows
  • Decorated 5 rooms & the hallway
  • Sanded & painted 1 floor
  • Carpeted 1 room and the stairs
  • Repaired the roof once
  • Installed a wood burning stove
  • Given the garden a complete overhaul

Wow. It doesn’t sound like much when you put it like that, but there has been plenty of blood, sweat, tears & swears shed over this place! And we’re not even finished *sigh*

One room that is finished is my study.


Fireplace Before


Fireplace AfterBefore

Study BeforeAfter

Study AfterI’d still like to change the curtains as we bought those for the first house we lived in together and I hate them now. I’m thinking of getting a blind so light isn’t restricted at the sides of the window. That would be the only change I’d make in my study now.

Here are a few things we’ve got left to do:

  • Replace 2 windows
  • Redecorate our bedroom (We did this room first when we moved in. We made some bad decorative choices!)
  • Improve storage in the spare room
  • Plant up the garden
  • Add curtains to the new window/back window

And if we had all the money, extend the back of the house, move the bathroom and add a loft room. Or move. If we had all the money, we’d move to where we’d never have lift a paintbrush ever again!

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  1. Wow, this is a lot of work! You’re study looks lovely and very homely, the fireplace is amazing. It’s so nice to be able to make improvements to a home, slowly, bit-by-bit making it your own.

    • Congratulations! Yep, we’re getting to that stage too, even though it feels like we never finished decorating!

  2. Nice work there. We’ve not begun with remodeling yet. We have replaced some major appliances, like, refrigerator, dishwasher and the most major one so far, the heating and air conditioning central unit. Father-in-law wants to put up an outshed to store his stuff from the garage so he can get his car back into the garage. When we moved here he pulled his car out and allowed us to park out motorcycles in his car space. His motorcycle sits on the other side of the garage. If all the “junk” were out and some rearrangements were done, all three bikes and his car could fit in there. It’s a huge garage. Think in terms of hoarding!

    • Thank you! We don’t have a garage so I have regular clear outs from each room pretty regularly so there’s no fear of hoarding here!

    • Aw, thanks Elizabeth! It was quite a bold decision to paint the walls green, but we chose a lovely Farrow & Ball paint (slightly indulgent!) and it paid off. It makes a nice change from the rest of the white house!

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