What I know about fashion could be written on a postage stamp. That’s not true actually. I’m aware of what’s fashionable, but most if it is irrelevant to me. I dress for warmth & comfort. I try to look decent, but being cosy is way more important. That being said, with the cold weather, it’s been time to get some new bits & bobs for being outside. These are some of the things I have recently bought or want to keep me warm when walking Poppy this winter. Brrrrr!

winter wishlist1. Grey hand knitted bobble hat by People £25 // 2. Moleskin Duffle coat by Boden £103 // 3. Mini Polka Dot tights by White Stuff £15 // 4. Knee High Lace Socks by Toft £24 // 5. Multi Stripe Welly by Joules £39.95

I do have a few of these and have been waiting for it to get cold enough to wear them! I bought the coat a while ago, though it’s half a Christmas present. Most of my clothes are blue so I went for the orange one for a change and because it’s bright and noticeable. That’s also why I like the Joules wellies. They nice & bright, which is what you need when you’re walking the dog in the rain! I love the bobble hat, especially the bright pom pom! It looks so cosy & I have a real thing for hats in the winter, a slight addiction if you will. I’ve found that I’m walking through socks at an alarming rate and love these old school ones from Toft. I also like the range of tights of White Stuff. They’re just a bit more exciting than tights have been since I was a kid!

dog winter wishlist

1. Spot Dog Collar by Cath Kidston £8 // 2. Spot Dog Lead by Cath Kidston £12 // 3. Houndstooth Dog Jumper at White Stuff £34 // 4. Night Dawg Light Up Collar at Muddy Paws £17.99

I am not the only one who needs a few additions to their wardrobe this winter! I’ve noticed that when walking Poppy anytime after 4.30pm, she’s completely camouflaged by the darkness so we need to get her a light collar that we can just slip on easily before evening walks. We’re also going to get her the jumper, as she doesn’t have much fur on her chest at all but she doesn’t always need her thick coat. I am in love with the range by Redhound for Dogs. As Poppy is an unusual shape, these are the closest ones I’ve seen that should fit her perfectly! When we adopted Poppy, we had no idea about collars & leads so just got a dark, boring one. Most people think she’s a boy, so we were delighted to receive the gorgeous red Spot dog collar & lead from Cath Kidston. They suit Poppy down to the ground & help her look a bit more girly! That is until she’s hunting the squirrels…!

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  1. Your goodies for Poppy are awesome- loving the girly collar, the coat looks lovely. My parents have a spaniel that gets chilly in the winter when his coat has been cut.

  2. Neat post. I’m glad we don’t have to buy goodies for our Misa. Her fur is so absolutely thick she could survive Winter in the Arctic. Since we moved to a desert like environment it’s not as cold as previous places I’ve lived. I’ve only warn a lightweight jacket a couple of times. No hat or gloves. Not even any wellies. I do have motorcycle riding boots that are supposed to be water resistant. However, after a couple of scrapes and bumps with them, they’ve started letting water in cracks. I need to update them. Not as fashionable as the welly.

    • Thanks Kimberly! Poppy’s fur is non-existent in some patches on her chest! Plus, because of the Basset/Dachshund part of her, it’s quite low so gets wet easily! I feel the cold pretty badly anyway (wrapped in a blanket as I type!) so need to be covered from head to toe at the moment & it’s not even December yet!

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