You never really miss light until it’s gone. Since reorganising my study, I’ve really noticed the fact that it doesn’t have a ceiling light and it’s rubbish. Plus, despite autumn being my favourite season, I definitely miss the daylight, which is why Jack O’lanterns and holidays in the sunshine are always a welcome relief.

Halloween Freshwater West Sundog 1) Bringing light in is so important and you can’t be plenty of candles in winter // 2) I love looking at this picture of my favourite beach from home, Freshwater West, in the brilliant sunshine // 3) Rome in October was amazing. Glorious sunshine during the day, chilly autumn nights, decorated with beautiful lights // 4) Poppy the sun dog always finds the sunniest spot in the house // 5) The Blue Lagoon in Iceland during an amazing December holiday there a few years ago. Only a few hours of daylight, black volcanic rocks & the  milky white water – a proper snowy adventure!


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