Blom FlowersIt’s been a long while since I blogged about something I did that was spontaneously crafty because it’s been a while since I’ve done any spontaneous craft.

One of the lovely gifts my OH gave me for my birthday was some Blom Paper Flowers. I love flowers. I really want to have a permanent supply of fresh flowers in my study but fresh ones are expensive. I did get a fab plant for my study at Christmas but I also want flowers. My study is very dark. It doesn’t get much light so the only plant I can have is a Yucca style plant. Every now & then I stroke the leaves but sometimes a girl just needs some flowers.

Today I had a brain wave & decided to make these paper flowers up & decorate my study with them. These are so easy to do and make such a difference. You get three cards of flowers in the pack & each card has five flowers on it. You get plenty of wire to attach to the flowers & it’s really easy to be creative.

I made enough flowers to fill two small vases & put some in with my plant.

Blom Paper Flowers

I also needed to make a card for a friends birthday so experimented with making some flower cards.

Blom Flower cards

I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Not bad for a quick craft task on a chilly Wednesday afternoon! x

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