BBC Good Food Chocolate BrowniesThis week I’ve had a real craving for brownies. I haven’t baked anything in a while so I thought why not have a look on line for something easy & quick to make. Hello Google! Popped in ‘brownie recipe’ & this one from the BBC Good Food website appeared.

I had a quick look and thought the recipe looked easy enough. I had most of the ingredients, just needed to get some chocolate. This is where I had to make a change! The recipe calls for dark, milk & white chocolate. The shop only had milk chocolate. All this means is the brownies are super chocolaty & you only need small ones. Not a problem! It’ll just make them last longer!

I’d definitely use this recipe again, even if it is really detailed. I’d use the recommended chocolate next time if I could & cut the brownies up way smaller! They didn’t take long & it was really easy.

Homemade brownies = very happy Crafty Chai household!

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