It’s tradition, that at every major royal event, buns are thrown from the top of Abingdon Guildhall. It’s one of those brilliantly British events, like cheese rolling and such like.

Well this jubilee was no exception. As it was raining quite heavily, my OH & I donned our wellies and set out to catch some buns. We prepared ourselves with a drink from Throwing Buns, me with a chai & my OH with a coffee. At 6pm, the buns started flying off the roof. Now we were all pretty wet. The buns were quite wet. I’m not great at catching so began to get pretty scared of being hit in the face with a bun! A very lovely lady next to me very kindly gave me a bun that she had caught, mainly because I think it was obvious that I had no chance of catching anything!

Bun Throwing

My OH caught two buns & very quickly put them in his pocket. I didn’t & my bun got soaked! It is such a unique event & I love being part of a town that has such a weird celebration! It was great to see such a fab turn out, despite the weather. Can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Hello – we were there too! Mad wasn’t it! We filled M’s hood with caught buns and were drenched right through and decorated with pieces of wet bun before we headed home. Re-baked and then toasted buns for tea!

  2. It was crazy wasn’t it! Good fun though! Didn’t think of re-baking the buns. Ours are still sitting in the kitchen!

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