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#BEDM – Blog Love

Well, I might be a bit late and have missed a few posts, but Blog Everyday in May is over! It’s been a bit difficult fitting them all in this time, what with a holiday, a birthday and squeezing work in between oh so many bank holidays. But it’s been interesting to do and a great way to find new blogs. Plus it’s great to do in preparation for Blognix. Have you got your ticket yet?! I’ve got mine 🙂


I hope my #BEDM posts have been entertaining, thought provoking or at the very least, helped you to pass the time while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil! Either way, normal service resumes now!

Some of my favourite blogs are:

  • Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish: In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a massive fan of Laura’s. She’s helped me get my eating under control and focused on healthy rather than diet.
  • Wallflower Girl: I love the look and feel of AimĂ©e’s blog and the photography is amazing! She has some amazing recipes, which are well worth a look and a taste!
  • Mathilde heart Manech: I always feel happier after reading Lisa’s blog. She writes about so many lovely things. Definitely one to follow!
  • Consistently Average: Okay, I’ll admit it, this is my OH’s blog, but that’s not why I like it. He’s a great writer and has an eye for detail. Take a look – you won’t be disappointed!
  • A Life Less Bullshit: The title says it all. I think we could all use a little less bullshit in our lives and this blog is full of tips to helping you get a life with a little less bullshit.

How about you? What are you favourite blogs? Any that I should add to my Bloglovin‘ feed?

#BEDM – Date Night

So, as I’ve written about my perfect date night before, I thought I’d write about how I would like to spend an evening all to myself.

Date Night

Firstly, I’d start off with a big old soak in tub. Throw in a Lush bath bomb, a glass of wine and a good book and I can be in there for about an hour. I make the bathroom into a bit of a sauna, as I like the bath really hot. Then, I’d phone my favourite Chinese takeaway and put in an order for sweet and sour beancurd with egg fried rice and veggie spring rolls. This is my absolute favourite meal ever and my OH isn’t a massive fan of Chinese so we don’t have it that often. When he’s out for dinner, I pretty much always get a Chinese!

Once I’ve dished up my dinner, poured myself another glass of red wine, Poppy, my date night companion, and I will settle down to a night of The Walking Dead. I’ve got the first three series on box set and will be getting the fourth as soon as it’s out. Just need my OH to plan a few trips out!

How about you? What would be your ideal date night?

#BEDM – Wishlist

I’ve got a little admission for you, lovely blog reader. I’ve had the same workout bottoms for about the last 7 years. Yep. I have got my moneys worth out of those bad boys, that’s for sure. They are starting to look a little tired and the elastic is starting to go in them, requiring me to pull them up about 15 million times during Combat. They’ve got a little bit big too, but fortunately/unfortunately, I have the exact same pair a size smaller. What a relief! Here’s to wearing the same bottoms for another 7 years…

workout kitHere’s a pretty rubbish picture of my work out kit. I love my t-shirt, which I got from Spikes & Heels last summer. It is such an awesome t-shirt mainly because it has normal length sleeves. I HATE womens t shirts that have tiny sleeves and all workout t shirts seem to be like that. Why? I have bingo wings and while I’m not under the illusion that longer sleeves hide them, I just don’t want to show them off. It’s a body issue, deal with it. Not only that but this t-shirt isn’t fitted and isn’t short. Why work out clothes for women have to be super small and super tight is beyond me. This is why I love this t-shirt. Tho, I could do with a few more. I have to admit, I love these trainer socks, as they keep my feet nice and cool when working up a sweat. Finally, the ever so essential sports bra. I have no idea why any woman, no matter how big or small her boobs are, would even consider doing exercise without one of these in their possession. As I’m, um, pretty chesty, I always wear a sports bra, even when doing something like pilates. My current bra is a Shock Absorber and is suited to running, which means it’s suitable for anything high impact. I wouldn’t work out without it.

So as my workout kit is pretty dated, here’s my wishlist of what I most want right now.

fit kit wishlist

1. Wolfe Academy Hoodie // 2. American Apparel T-shirt

3. Patagonia Trainers // 4. Patagonia knickers

They are all from ethical companies who have clear eco policies, which I love and they all look great. I especially love the trainers. They’re so much brighter than the ones I’m currently wearing. I think it’s important to be comfortable when you’re working out. You don’t want your clothes to be a barrier to getting and staying fit.

How about you? What’s the one thing you’d like to spice up your workout kit?


#BEDM – Healthy Living

I can remember my Nana saying that ‘A little of what you fancy does you good’ as a child. She wasn’t wrong. I’ve been dieting since I was a teenager and I can safely say that there are a few things you can easily do to live a little healthier that’ll have a massive impact.

Healthy Living Tips

1. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is your best friend whether you’re trying to lose weight, have enough energy at the end of the day to exercise or just make yourself feel a bit better. This can be difficult if your sleep is disturbed. When I was really stressed, I would wake up between 15-20 times a night. Not great. Even now, most nights I have to get up for a night time wee. Yep. Pretty much every night! There are lots of things you can do to help you get to sleep, but make sure you go to bed early enough, read before bedtime (and I don’t mean Twitter!) and try taking some deep breaths to help your body know it’s time to relax.

2. Eat as much veg as you can. Seriously, since doing the Feeling Fabulous Course, I can’t promote this enough. It’s great for your skin, your energy levels, your insides, but for me, when I eat lots of veg, I just feel lighter. In order for this to happen, I plan my meals like they are a military operation, write a comprehensive shopping list and stick to the meal plan. I do plan a treat meal once a week, which is usually a take away, but most meals are made from scratch, with the main focus on getting as much veg into my system as possible.

3. Exercise because it makes you feel better. Don’t go to the gym, workout for an hour and then go home and eat crap because you’ve burned all those calories. Work out because it’s good for your body and your mind. You’ll get a rush of good hormones, a boost of energy and it’ll make you walk taller. If you hate exercise, you’re doing the wrong sort. Find something you like, whether it’s swimming, a workout DVD or gardening. For me, I like nothing more than walking Poppy. So I do that three times a day and then try to do something else as well, as I sit down all day. Getting out in the fresh air is so important for making you feel better.

4. Make time for the things you love. If you love reading, knitting, talking on the phone, watching trash TV, whatever, make sure you set aside time to do it. If not, you’ll start to hate everything that gets in your way of doing it. Have a look through your day plan – is there something that you can cut to make sure you fit in the thing you love? Do it. You won’t regret it. No one says ‘I wish I spent more time working’. If they did, they clearly didn’t have an ace hobby!

5. Keep on learning. I love to learn new things. I always try and have a course on the go, whether it’s a free one on FutureLearn, a hand lettering class on SkillShare or something completely different like the Paper Love ecourse on Paperphilia, learning new things keeps our brains and creative juices going.

These are just a few things that help me make sure I’m living healthily. Having a balance of work and play is so important in this day and age where everything is 24/7. I’ve worked 14 hour days and it’s not fun and it’s certainly not good for you. I’m all about making sure I’ve got enough time to play – those Harry Potter films aren’t going to watch themselves! How about you? What do you do to make sure you’re living healthily?