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Knitted Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy

My mum asked for a knitted tea cosy for her small tea pot for Christmas. No problem, I thought, Ravelry will have plenty of patterns. It did. Far too many for me to trawl through and none that would’ve been easy to make small enough.(Maths isn’t my strong suit). So, hello Google.

It suggested The New Homemaker, which had a super simple tea cosy pattern. The genius of this pattern is that you put in what size tea cosy you need and it’ll resize the pattern to fit.

I added on a few extra stitches because I was worried that it wouldn’t fit, as it looked quite small. In total, I cast on 27 stitches & used a thinner wool than recommended. The recipe is great and simple to use. I can highly recommend it. I had to learn a new technique – yarn over & the effect of it is fab.

Tea Cosy

I have to say a massive thanks to my sister for measuring the teapot and smuggling it up to us for Christmas so I could check that it fit before giving it to my mum. I added some contrasting ribbon & wrapped it for Christmas. It didn’t take long to knit at all & I think that it looks great! I’m pretty sure Mum likes it too! x

Wool, wool everywhere…

Crafty Chai Wool Stash

Crafty Chai Wool StashI have a lot of wool. I have a lot of patterns. But I’m stuck in a rut. I need to make things to sell on my Folksy page but a lot of the patterns I have I can’t use for commercial purposes. I’ve got some patterns that I want to make for myself but I don’t have the correct needles. Am in a right craft quandary.

The problem is that I have a wool buying addiction. I don’t buy more than one ball at a time so I don’t think I have enough for half the projects I want to complete. I also need to get some double pointed needles. I’d hoped that the magic loop technique and the circular needles I have would be enough to knit a pair of socks. But it’s not. So I’m going to have to hunt around for some extra cash to buy some DPN’s. I really want to knit a pair of socks. At least then I can use up some of my wool stash…and then replace it!

Coffee Cosy

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

As a crafter I get really inspired looking at what other people are doing. I love looking at Pinterest for this very reason. There are so many gifted people out there doing amazing things. One craft blog I really like is Cornflower Blue. Reading through some of her posts I noticed this one on a coffee sleeve. It looked simple enough so I thought I’d give it a go. But this meant learning some new knitting skills: Using a circular needle & using the Magic Loop technique.

I bought my circular needle on a trip to Loop earlier on in the year. They recommended that I use the Magic Loop technique for smaller projects. When I looked at them blankly, they suggested I watch the help videos on I’m so glad they did. I couldn’t have made the cosy without their help.

It took me ages, and I mean ages, to get it. I tried to use double pointed needles but I soon realised that I am far too cift to use these. I was really slow to start with & made silly obvious mistakes. My first few attempts lie, unpicked, in a pile of wool. My first successful attempt still had a few errors in it but it worked. The best one is pictured below. It seems so easy now I’ve done it a few times, despite the pattern being relatively simple. It was the first time I’ve ever done double rib stitch, as well as the first time I’d used straight needles.

Now I need to knit a few that are completely perfect. I’m going to add them to my Folksy shop once I’ve got a small stockpile as well as sell a few in my local coffee shop, Throwing Buns. Then I’d like to experiment a bit – add buttons, use a different stitch, mix up the colours & maybe knit some for china mugs. I love a good knitting challenge!

I’d like to thank Rachel of Cornflower Blue for giving me permission to use her pattern & sell the ones that are good enough to be sold. x

Crafty Chai Coffee Cosy

My First Mittens

Crafty Chai Knitted Mittens

I need to challenge my knitting skills. I don’t want to become one of those knitters who says, ‘Cable knit? Oh no I couldn’t possibly do that!’. I’ve been wanting to add other knitted goods to my Folksy page so that there’s more things on there for people to buy. Even I realise ear warmers aren’t for everyone! So armed with a patten book, I had a flick through & came across a pattern for fingerless mittens. Hmmm…I thought…how hard can they be?!

Crafty Chai Knitted MittensThe answer? Not very hard at all – even the thumb wasn’t tricky. And each mitten is the same size! They were knitted on ordinary needles & sewn up along the side. There are one or two holes from me trying to make a stitch, but I’m hoping that someone from needles & natter will help fill those in. If not, I’ll be adding some strategically placed buttons or sequins! Granted the stitches aren’t difficult – it’s just garter, stocking & rib stitch but I think they look great. They didn’t take too long either & they were completed pretty quickly while watching two rugby matches & an F1 race (& qualifying!). It’s one of the things I like about autumn & winter – an excuse to sit and knit. So family & friends, pick a colour because these could be your Christmas present! (Not kidding) x