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Oliver B

There is nothing like a break from the norm is there? During my week off, my OH took me to the New Forest for a few days. I’d never been before & couldn’t believe how lovely it all was. I loved seeing the horses & cows roam freely – so much so they wouldn’t move off the pavement & created a standoff with some pedestrians – mega lol’s!

New Forest Cow

We drove down to Avon beach & spent our first day walking along the coast & eating humongous 99’s. We then headed for our hotel, The Master Builder’s Hotel at Buckler’s Hard. It was lovely. The area was outstanding & beautiful and the hotel had some amazing charm. Our hotel room was fantastic and best of all the bed was massive and comfy. I slept so well! While our breakfast, which was included, was fab & massive, our dinner, (not included) was not good value. I paid £12.50 for a cassoulet & received about a handful of beans. It was the only veggie option. They had créme brulee on the pudding menu, which I obviously had but it was at least double the size of my main! Crazy! So if you do stay there, go elsewhere to eat or pay for very expensive tiny portions.

Master Builders

Having said that, the hotel is lovely & the customer service was outstanding. And it was lovely – I wish I could’ve stayed longer.

On the second day, we walked to Beaulieu, which is a lovely little village. It’s about a 4 mile round trip between there & Buckler’s Hard and it is well worth it. The sun shone & the walk was great & totally justified me stuffing my face at breakfast! When we got back we decided to go on the Oliver B boat ride down the estuary. It was pretty reasonable at £4.50 per adult & a lovely way to finish off our little break. Though, the best bit of the boat ride was another passenger – can you spot him in the picture below? He was quite a character & had the attention of everyone on board!

Oliver B

Then it was time to head home. It was such a lovely break & if you’ve never been, then it’s well worth the trip. I didn’t want to leave! I had a lovely time – if only I could do that every week!

Tuesday Treat


I am just getting back into work after my first full week off in too long. And it has been lovely! So lovely in fact that I’m going to rethink the way I work & try and have more time off – isn’t that the benefit of working for yourself? Anyway, I did the usual on my week off – slept in, ate & drank what I wanted, read, knitted, rewatched Harry Potter (Love those films!) & generally had a lovely time. Though the favourite bit of my holiday was the few days we spent in the New Forest. On the first day, we headed to the coast. Being from Pembrokeshire, I miss the coast & the smell of the sea so going to the beach was essential. We spent some time on Avon Beach & came across this little beauty.


The sun wasn’t out for our whole visit to the beach, but it was out for plenty of it. Sadly, we only spent two days away, and while it was bliss when we were there, it certainly wasn’t long enough & I cannot wait until we’re in the New Forest, or anywhere else for that matter, again. How great are holidays?! Even if you don’t go anywhere exotic, they are so good for you! Love a good holiday!

Renegade Craft Fair


About this time last year, I remember hearing about the Renegade Craft Fair & thought that I would definitely go next year. Well, a year later I (along with my OH) find myself heading towards Brick Lane. Never having been to Brick Lane at all, the whole day was an adventure. The area around Spittalfields, Brick Lane & the Truman Brewery is amazing.

Renegade Craft Fair

Eleven and a HalfAfter cycling across London on the hideous Boris bike (great idea, just not for me) we had breakfast at The Luxe which is part of Spittalfields Market.

The whole area is absolutely beautiful & I couldn’t take enough pictures of the architecture. Take this door for example. We walked down a road beween Commercial Street & Brick Lane and all the houses were very elegent – like something off Upstairs, Downstairs. I especially liked this house, which was in between house number 11 and house number 12. It reminds me of Harry Potter & platform 9 and 3/4!

This wasn’t the only amazing feature we saw on this street. Most of the houses also had wooden shutters – something I’ve always wanted. But not only that, they had these gorgeous little iron men to hold them open. Have you everShutter
seen anything cuter? (Other than a pug, obviously!)Most of the houses had them, and those that didn’t looked sadder because of their loss.

All this set me in great spirits as we headed towards the Renegade Craft Fair.

When we arrived, we decided to walk around the outside first then look at stalls in the middle. It was amazing! There are so many talented crafters, designers and creative people is was very inspiring. To say I was a little overwhelmed is probably an understatement!

The range of stalls was pretty impressive, while owls seem to be everywhere, as does acrylic, every stall had their own style. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, most stalls only took cash, and as I didn’t have much (when do I?!) I wasn’t able to go mad. But I did find enough (of my OH’s) money to buy some washi tape, some stamps and a Renegade Craft Fair pencil – I do love a good pencil! I could have bought a lot more & actually wanted to but forgot to go back. It’s a good job I picked up plenty of business cards so I can order online!


After a good old mooch about, we headed off to enjoy the rest that Brick Lane had to offer & we weren’t disappointed. Such a cool place – I’d definitely go back, with an empty credit card! If you didn’t make it to the Renegade Craft Fair this year, then you could do worse than to put it in your diary for next year. It was a lovely experience and everyone was so lovely. It’s well worth a visit! x

A Crafty Chai in Carnaby Street

Liberty Stationery

After quite a sleepless night in a very small hotel room, my OH & I headed out to Carnaby Street. We knew where we were going to get breakfast. When in London, there really is no other choice – The Breakfast Club. Not only do they do great choice for veggies, they do pancakes. Pancakes! My favourite breakfast food. I ordered the Veggie All American, which is pancakes, eggs, veggie sausage, mushroom & hash browns and I had a fresh orange juice too. It was perfect.

Breakfast Club Veggie Breakfast

After an amazing brunch, we had a look around at some of the fab shops in Carnaby Street. Then we headed to Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar, where I enjoyed an amazing pot of tea & my OH had a very decent flat white. It had a really lovely atmosphere & I was given instructions on how long to let my tea brew. Not only did they serve excellent tea, in a tea pot, they knew how to make it. This is a big deal, as so many places can’t make a decent cup of tea. Speakeasy is a great place where you can sit, relax & watch the world go by. I can highly recommend it.

We then headed for Liberty where I fell in love. Twice. First, I fell in love with the stationery section. I love post-it notes and there were hundreds of different styles. Sadly, I’m pretty well stocked up on sticky notes so managed to restrain myself. But I did buy the card above – well, look at it! How could I leave it there?! The second time I fell in love at Liberty was in the haberdashery section – obviously! There were so many different fabrics & beautiful yarns there. I looked for something in the sale and was rewarded with a gorgeous Rowan pattern book for just £2. I was drawn to it because of the jumper on the front. All I need to do is find some nice but inexpensive wool to knit the lush jumper!

Liberty Stationery

Finally, following a tip from @alexbw, we headed for a quick drink & snack at Sacred Cafe before making our way back to the train station. He’d told us to get a savoury muffin. Boy was he right. They were absolutely delicious. They arrived at our table toasted & with butter & were amazing. They were really filling and I couldn’t finish mine. I washed mine down with a chai & my OH had, you guessed it, a flat white (would you expect anything else?!).

Sacred Cafe Muffins

All in all, we had a lovely time in London. We went, we looked around, we ate, we came home. Perfect!