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A Crafty Chai and Harry Potter

Almost everyone I know has been on to visit the Harry Potter sets at Warner Bros. Studios so in a bid to make sure I got to go sooner rather than later, I’ve been hinting to my OH all year about wanting to go on my birthday. I didn’t think he’d picked up on it until I opened my birthday card Friday morning and found tickets to go and see Harry Potter! I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited – I could barely contain myself!

It was AWESOME! I took so many photos, I’ve added them to my Flickr page, but here are a few of my favourites.

Under the Stairs




Handwritten letters


HogwortsIt was brilliant. Seeing the sets up close, the detail in the costumes, the secrets behind the filming and walking through the Great Hall. I even got to open the doors to the Great Hall because it was my birthday! I was so chuffed! I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing – I’ve watched the Harry Potter films many times so seeing everything in real life was really amazing. I didn’t want the tour to end, but it finally did and I bought myself a Harry Potter pencil from the gift shop – what else?! (Tho, I was hugely tempted by one of the Hogwart jumpers!)

It’s a really inspirational place to go, to think that it’s all there because of the idea that JK Rowling had. I would quite happily go again and again, though I probably wouldn’t have the butterbeer again, it’s a bit sweet for my tastes! Have you been? What did you think?

#BEDM – Trebah Gardens

Yesterday as Museum Day and in Oxford, we’re really spoilt with the amazing Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers museum. While we were in Cornwall last week, we didn’t visit any museums, but we did go to Trebah Gardens. It’s dog friendly, has lots to see and it has it’s own beach. Perfect.

The Lawn

The Valley

Giant Bamboo

Private Beach


Cala Lilly

Hanky Tree

It has such an amazing array of plants of all colours, shapes and sizes. We headed straight down to the beach upon arrival and enjoyed a salted caramel ice cream. Then we headed back up to the koi pond, via the water garden, which was incredibly tranquil. It was such a lovely place, we intended to go back, as the ticket is valid for 7 days. But alas, we ran out of time and didn’t make it. It’s definitely somewhere we’ll visit again next time we’re near. Poppy was welcome throughout the gardens and she loved it! There were so many smells for her that she was exhausted when we finished. Dogs have free entry and we even got a dog biscuit on arrival! So cute! The gardens were a real inspiration to me and I took way too many pictures. I love that the beach has such a history too, as it was used as an embarkation point for the D-Day landings. The boathouse that’s on the beach was also built by racing driver, Donald Healey.

Trebah Garden is now one of my favourite places to visit in Cornwall! How about you? What’s your favourite garden to visit?

Dog Friendly Cornwall

It seems like an absolute age since we were on holiday in Cornwall. I’ve been so busy/disorganised that I haven’t finished blogging about it yet. I was really impressed with how dog friendly Cornwall was. The only downside was that we were there in the last week of the Summer Season, which meant that many of the beaches that weren’t dog friendly were still closed off to Poppy. This was a bit of a bummer, as it felt like a lot of the dog friendly beaches were either miles away or not as nice as the ‘human only beaches’! We stayed in Little Sandcastle, which is a dog friendly cottage in Cadgwith Cove. Pretty much the whole of Cadgwith is dog friendly & Poppy was a big hit with locals & holidaymakers alike!

Cadgwith Cove

Obviously, the coastal path was dog friendly, which was great as we could access it directly from Cadgwith Cove, where we were staying. Poppy loved walking along the coastal path & navigated the path very easily. Though she didn’t seem to appreciate that she’s a bit more agile on muddy paths than we were! We discovered some beautiful places along the path and next time we go, I’d like to walk along more of it. If we do, must remember to take a map!

PorthlevenWe had high hopes for Porthleven beach, but getting to the (very small) dog friendly part of the beach took ages because it wasn’t clear where it started. Plus, we were there in the morning and the tide was still in so we only had a really short bit of beach to walk on. However, that being said, I’d love to go back to Porthleven when the tide is out/out of season because the beach is massive! Well worth a visit (after checking the tide timetable!)

Kynance BeachKynance Beach was an interesting one. We didn’t actually walk on the beach, as it wasn’t dog friendly until October. But we wanted to try out the cafe so walked down the ‘easier’ coastal path section that avoided the beach. This was a lovely walk, not as steep as the other path & there were livestock about so dogs on leads please! However, while we were enjoying our lunch (I had a jacket potato as big as my face!), other dog owners walked across the beach to access the steeper walk. We went back up the way we came down, as I was in agony with my back & needed to take it easy. The beach is quite small, so I’d only go as part of a bigger walk with a cheeky cake stop at the cafe!

Lizard Point

The Lizard Point was a real adventure for us, though I think Poppy got a bit bored! We took loads of pictures of her being the most southwesterly dog, but she doesn’t look impressed, does she?! We parked in Lizard and walked down to the point. This is a nice walk and it’s sectioned off from the road, which is good as it’s mainly a single lane. We also had a look at the lighthouse and Poppy was welcomed in with open arms (which was good, because the fog horn went off & freaked her out a bit!) The only bit she couldn’t visit was the actual light bit, but there’s an area where you can leave dogs if you want to see it.

Coverack Cove

We went to Coverack Cove on one of the greyest, dampest days of our holidays. But that didn’t stop us! The beach is full of pebbles, so sturdy shoes are a must. We were the only people on the beach for most of the walk, so we let Poppy off the lead. She loved it! She’s really growing in confidence on the beach and loves exploring rock pools. She’ll run on ahead for a bit, then turn back to check where we are. At one point, she started to go back up to the steps towards the road. Panicked, I called her with her ‘Get here now!’ call and she jumped off the steps. It’s about a six foot drop. Yep. Ol’ Basset legs, who isn’t supposed to jump so as to stave off arthritis as long as possible, jumped from that height. I nearly cried! She just trotted up to me & wanted a treat! We walked back along the beach after the tide had gone out a bit and there were lots more rock pools to explore. A great find!


I’m not going to lie to you, we went to Roskilly’s for the ice cream! We knew it had a walk, but we weren’t sure what it would be like. It was ace! On the walk, we saw ducks swimming around on a pond, bees buzzing around their hives, a hidden orchard & a we walked through a field of cows. This was an interesting one, as we were not sure if Poppy had seen any before. To say she was unsettled might be an understatement! She didn’t know whether to bark or run. We kept her on a short lead and moved quickly & quietly through them. The cows didn’t pay us any attention! Poppy took a huge interest in sniffing where they’d been walking – wonder if she recognised the smell of their hooves from the hoof chews she has at home? Poppy also sat with quite nicely with us in the courtyard, while we tried some of their delicious ice cream! A must visit!

GunwalloeOn our last day, after a visit to Halzephron Inn, where Poppy was pretty much loved by everyone, we headed down to Gunwalloe beach. We turned a corner & looked out onto miles & miles of dog friendly, empty beach. We could not believe it! All the time, we’d been driving by this massive beach where Poppy could roam free! We let her off the lead and headed across the beach. There’s a reason it’s dog friendly – it’s really difficult to walk on. It’s made of tiny pebbles that are tricky for anyone who isn’t on four legs! I really earned my wine that day! It was a fab beach to visit though. Poppy was off the lead for most of the walk. She kept running to and from us quite happily, though she was a little too interested in climbing the rocks! She definitely enjoyed herself though.

There are loads of other places that we didn’t get a chance to visit, which we’re hoping to go to next time. Have you been to this part of Cornwall? What are your dog friendly top tips?

Cath Kidston Press Day #ckss14

I have been a fan of Cath Kidston for many, many years. So when they got in touch and asked if I’d like to attend a press day for the launch of their new prints for next year, there was only going to be one possible answer. A most definite yes. So I headed off to the Big Smoke & managed to find my way to the Rook & Raven gallery, where the day was being held. I had a good look round and took plenty of pictures. Take a look!

Brighton up your day

Brighton rocks spotty satchel floral measuring cups time for tea Giraffe Cushion

I was very excited to see what they would have to offer and I’m not disappointed. I like the new prints. I think they stay true to what people expect from Cath Kidston, but they’re different enough to keep us all interested, and boy am I interested! I’ll take one of everything please!

teapot jumper cath kidston teapot cushionstanley timer

cath kidston crochet blanket

Not only were there lots of lovely things to see, they also provided refreshments! (Love free food!) I have the most delicious tasting soup ever – A butternut squash and sage soup. Perfect for warming up, as it was bloomin’ freezing in London! I also received a goody bag, which included these gorgeous socks from the Safari range, a handy travel cup, which I plan to use asap and a lovely tote bag, also from the Safari range.

safari socksWhat do you think of the new prints? Which one is your favourite? I can’t decide between Tea Time, Spots & Budgies!