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Knitted Brooch

Knitted Brooch

I’ve finally found some time to add something else to my folksy shop. I’ve wanted to add some knitted flower brooches, like the one I knitted for my headband. I had some lovely wool that I wanted to use & had bought some brooch bars from Hobbycraft a while ago.

Following  a simple pattern, each flower takes just under two hours to complete & I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I just hope that folksy shoppers will think the same & buy some! Feel free to take a look at my folksy shop. x

Knitted Brooch

Blackout Curtains

Finished Blackout Curtains

Loose StitchingFor a while now, my OH has had issues with our bedroom curtains. We have a street light just outside our bedroom window & now that it’s on a lot more, he’s having issues with the bedroom being too light. So we needed blackout material on our curtains. In a bid to save some pennies, I decided to make them, never having made anything so big on my sewing machine! Easy, I thought. I bought the material from the lovely people at Masons, where the assistant gave me no end of advice. I love that place. She cut the material to size & I’d just need to hem the fabric, add some heading tape & attach the finished article to each curtain. So I got my sewing machine out & set to work.

Tidy Hem Work Right from the start I was having problems & my instruction manual was no real help but Twitter & my mum came to the rescue. The tension wasn’t right. After a bit of fiddling with a few of the different buttons & wheels on my machine, a lot of wated cotton & loads of frustration and untypable swear words, I finally got it. Having spent about two hours to get to this point, the rest of the hemming didn’t take too long. By this point I hadn’t really stabbed myself with too many pins & I was beginning to feel pretty confident with what I was doing.

Heading TapeThen it came time to add the heading tape. This was so easy to do, as the heading tape simply slotted over the top of the fabric. I pinned it into place & stiched it on. It was super easy to do. All I had to do then was attach them to the curtains. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do this. I knew that I could leave them hang  once I’d attached them using the curtain hooks. So I’ve decided to leave it like that for now. I know I can go back & stitch them onto the curtain if I want to. Plus I’d had enough by then and just wanted to get them up. So I put the curtain hooks through the heading tape on the blackout material & the curtains.

Finished Blackout CurtainsThey hang pretty well & you can’t see the blackout material when the curtains are open or when they’re drawn. I’m pretty impressed with how easy it was, once I got the tension on my machine sorted. Now all I have to decide is whether I make my own curtains next time. Not sure how much my sewing skills have developed! x

Crafty Networking

Crafty Chai Business Cards

Last night, after a day of knitting & chatting (loved it!) I went to an event hosted by O3 Gallery in Oxford. It was an evening of crafty networking. I wasn’t sure what to expect, whether I’d be ‘crafty’ enough but I thought it’d be a great evening out if nothing else. I took along a friend of mine, who described herself as a ‘craft enthusiast’ as there were makers & buyers there & she just knits for herself & her loved ones. For me it was great to know that there are so many people out there doing very similar things to me – & some have been as brave/stupid as me by giving up their jobs to focus on their craft more.

Crafty Chai Business CardsIt was a lovely night. I met & chatted with a lot of people and I got to hand out some of the business cards I’d had made by the lovely people over at Moo. And it was good to see how many people are interested in craft & how many people are interested in buying craft from local people.

I don’t know if anything will come of the networking, but it was really nice to talk with like minded people and to discuss local places & events etc. And I really enjoyed swapping cards with people! I’ll definitely be back x

Needles & Natter

Needles and Natter at Rosies Tea Room

Last week I popped into Rosie’s Tea Room in Abingdon. I’ve been a few times before. It has an excellent range of teas & a lovely atmosphere. I noticed a few signs about a ‘Needles & Natter’ group starting today at 9am. You could bring along any of your crafty projects & natter while you work. Fantastic! I made a note in my filofax & planned to attend.

Needles and Natter at Rosies Tea RoomNaturally I arrived late (a fall out of no longer being governed by a bell!) & was met with smiling faces & a table covered in material & wool. I knew straight away this was my kind of event! I sat down & got my knitting out. (my current project is my 2nd commission – a black headband for a friend similar to this one.) Out came the tea & we were all talking about our latest projects, Twitter, jobs etc as the sun came out. It was a lovely way to start the day & I will definitely be back next week, hopefully with a different project on the go x