Like most women I love chocolate. So when I saw from Oxford City Guide that there would be a full on chocolate festival in Oxford I was pretty excited.

Churros It was pretty small, to say the least. Plus I’d just had loads of coffee & pancakes for breakfast at Atomic Burger so my tummy wasn’t exactly prepared for loads of chocolate goodies. There were independent traders selling their lovely chocolatey wares. It smelt delicious. I decided on purchasing two things. A chocolate fudge cupcake from Miss Poppy Cakes and a small bag of chocolate covered pretzels from The Big Yum – Heaven!

The Big Yum Chocolate Pretzels I’ve managed to try both this afternoon. If nothing else, I’m dedicated to my love of chocolate & my blog! To be honest, the cupcake was quite dry. I can understand this if they were made on Friday, which they probably were. The icing however was delicious & more of a ganache. Loved it.

The Big Yum chocolate covered pretzels are delicious. A totally lush mixture of savoury & sweet. My favourite. I will definitely be ordering some more lovelies from their website in the not too distant future as the small bag I purchased will only last me about another 8 minutes. Oops!

I really hope that Oxford continues to host things like the chocolate festival & that word spreads. It was a shame that more local choclatiers weren’t present, as I know from Twitter that there are quite a few local bakers etc who use chocolate regularly who would have held their own in this festival. Either way I’ll be going back next year to sample some more choco goodies.

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