Anyone else starting to think about Christmas? Yep, me too. I’m trying to think about what I need and am starting to look to see what’s out there. So over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a few wishlists that focus on things that I need from Santa.

One thing I do need is a new bag. One that I can take my laptop, notebook, pencil case & other handbag junk in. But I don’t want just any bag. I want something a bit different, unique, smart but cool. So here’s a small wish list of a few bags that are out there. Something that suits both work & casual trips to town. So, have a look at these beautiful bags. Which would you pick?

Christmas Wish List - Bags

Top left: Proenza
Schouler large tan leather satchel. Top right: Dr.
Martens flower Liberty print satchel. Middle: Alexander Wang Black Jane shoulder bag. Bottom left: Dr.
Martens flower Liberty print satchel. Bottom right: Marc Jacobs blue Natasha satchel.

Now this is a true wish list (Don’t worry, family members, I won’t expect all of these!). But how great are these bags. I really like the satchel style ones. They’re in style but quirky too. I think my favourite is the Dr. Martens flower Liberty print satchel. It’s bright, perfect for these dark winter days, & really cool. But then, when aren’t Dr. Martens products really cool?!

What do you think? Which one do you like the best? Have you started compiling a wish list? If so, why not leave a link in the comments section below. Why not start here, in the Liberty Bags section?

I am working with Liberty and this is a collaborative post.

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