There’s always one thing that I am going to enjoy receiving at Christmas and that’s a craft kit. You get the enjoyment of opening the present on Christmas Day and then the enjoyment and fullfilment of making the kit later on in the year. One big problem though is that a lot of kits are children. Great for them, not so great if you aren’t one. So I’ve had a look around for some great kits that adults might also enjoy doing.

Christmas Wish List - Craft Kits

Top Row: Bobby Pins. Sock Monkey. Stuffed Owl.

Bottom Row: Papercut Kit. Create a Gnome kit.

I’ve picked ones that are a bit different, fun & creative. Plus I’d like to receive any and all of them (hint, hint!) Most are from Etsy, but not all are UK based, so if you wanted some as Christmas gifts, you’d better get ordering! I think any crafter would enjoy receiving these in their homemade stockings from Father Christmas, don’t you?!

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