Living in Abingdon, I’m very lucky to have lots of places to walk Poppy straight from the house. One of the walks I like to do is to walk along the Ock towards Abingdon Lock. The Ock Walk has been perfect this summer, as it’s quite a shady spot so its remained cool in the heat. There’s no where to park if you join it at the Drayton Road entrance, but if you park in town, the nearest car park in on West St Helen Street and is free for 2 hours. We always join it at Drayton Road and it takes you into the centre of Abingdon, where there are quite a few choices from there. Last weekend, we headed to Abingdon Lock. We walked through Abbey Gardens to the lock. It’s a lovely place to walk, but it can be really busy with other dog walkers, cyclists etc so be wary if you have a nervous dog.

Abingdon Lock

It’s a lovely spot to walk along and once you’ve crossed the lock you can go either right or left. I think that it’s part of the Thames Path so again, you can keep going for as long as you want. We went right and walked through the fields by Rye Farm. If you want to head to the lock as your starting point, there are two car parks just off the main road by the bridge. (Note, some of them are free for two hours, some aren’t. Make sure you check!)

Abingdon On Thames

There are plenty of benches along the path to sit and take in the view. Abingdon always looks gorgeous in the sun and there’s something lovely about being near the river. Poppy is always entertained by all the smells about and there are always other dog walkers about to say hello to. It’s not a circular walk so if you do the whole thing, you have to double back. Though, if you parked at the bridge, you could walk through the field, up to the lock, through Abbey Gardens and back across the bridge. The Ock Walk is a lovely walk to do, especially if your dog likes to go for a dip as it’s easy for them to get in and out of the water!

The Walk: Abingdon Lock is on the Thames Path, so you can walk for as long as you like. As it follows the river, it’s quite a flat walk so perfect if you’re looking for something easy.
Cost: Free
Car Park: Free for two hours. (For more information on car parking charges in Abingdon, see the Council website.)
Refreshments: Yes. One thing Abingdon isn’t short of is cafes! Throwing Buns, Java & Co and Costa all have outdoor seats in the sun! A lot of the pubs in the area also have outdoor seating.
Toilets: There are public loos at Hale Meadow car park, as well as in Abbey Meadows.

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