A few weekends ago, we decided to take Poppy into Oxford. We generally don’t walk her in busy places very often because it’s so difficult. Poppy tends to walk with her nose and therefore walks in a zigzag style. When it’s busy, it’s a bit like wrestling a pig rather than walking a dog! But we know we need to train her to walk better in busy places so off we went. And she was a star! She was really well behaved, patient when we went into shops & walked really well on the lead.

Oxford looks beautiful at most times of the year, but especially in autumn. We parked in Norham Gardens, headed along Parks Road and into town. After a bit of a mooch about, we headed towards Jericho. We stopped off at Companion cafe on Little Clarendon Street and then headed back to the car, just in time before it started raining!

Poppy in OxfordRadcliffe History Museum Oxford Sheldonian Oxford Oxford Oxford Bridge Broad Street OxfordPoppy in the city

The Walk: Oxford is such a beautiful city, there are loads of places to walk. We kept to the quieter streets, due to Poppy’s zigzag walking style!
Cost: Free
Car Park: You can park in the Westgate carpark, but it costs a fortune. We parked in Norham Gardens, which is cheaper and nicer. Plus it’s right near University Parks. It’s £3 for two hours.
Refreshments: Oxford is full of lovely cafes. We sat outside Companion in Little Clarendon Street, as the tables are under cover and it’s a nice quiet street.
Toilets: There are some scattered around, but most cafes have them if you can sneak in!

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