Felt Rings Mollie Makes kitMy Mollie Makes kit crafty resolutions continues! This week I wanted to make the felt rings. I really wish that I could make the kit so that they look as lovely as the images on the packet but never seem to quite achieve it!

Again the templates are available on the Mollie Makes Makespot which makes it so much easier to make.

I found this quite a quick but somewhat difficult project. I am not a sewing expert. I don’t have a glue gun or any glue that would work with fabric. This meant more sewing which meant more puncture wounds in my fingers!

Two of the rings work. But I don’t quite know what went wrong with the grey one. I think that I’d just had enough & wanted to be done. I was hungry & wanted to get on with my knitting! But I’m glad they’re done. Making the kits is definitely helping me with my sewing. I’m getting much better at sewing in straight lines so it’s totally worth making them.

What crafty bits have you been up to this weekend? x

Felt Rings

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