I’ve been looking for different baking ideas & have wanted to bake something for my gluten-free friends. So I’ve been trawling the internet for an easy gluten-free cookie recipe. It hasn’t been easy as many recipes call for loads of different types of flour & other ingredients which I don’t have. But then I stumbled across this recipe on All Recipes & it looked very easy. Phew!

Gluten Free Cookie DoughArmed with my gluten-free flour & chocolate chips I gathered the rest of the  ingredients. The mixture didn’t take long to put together & where the recipe calls for egg replacer, which I didn’t have or need to use, I simply just used one egg. The only other thing I did differently was use less chocolate chips – I know, madness right! But I had only bought 100g but I think it’s worked okay.

With the oven at the right temperature & the baking trays greased I set about spreading the dough out by about 5 cms. This means that baking them, in my small oven, is quite a lengthy & tricky process. The problem I had was that the cookies didn’t want to come off the trays easily even though they’d been grease. If anyone has a fool proof way of making them not stick I’d love to hear it!

After a bit of cooling the cookies were ready to eat & was lucky enough to have two testers (neither of whom suffer from coeliac disease) and they loved them! Good enough for everyone!  I baked about 15 & used just under half the mixture. I’ve put the rest in the freezer to use another time.  A tasty gluten-free treat! x

Gluten Free Cookies

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