While I was at Blognix, I met a fabulous baker called Nicola. Nicola owns Holly’s Little Bakery. Not only does she make delicious cakes, but she also makes gourmet, handmade dog treats. Nicola was kind enough to send me some for Poppy to taste. Here’s what Poppy thought.

The other day there was a loud knock at the door. Naturally, I made sure whoever was there ran away pretty quickly. Grrrrr! But then I noticed Mum had a lovely smelling box in her hands. It had to be for me because I’m the most important person here at Poppydog Towers so I snuffled around & barked in her face until she opened it & let me see what’s inside. It must be Christmas or something, because these presents were all for me! In the box were four packs of lovely smelling treats & a dog-friendly chocolate bar. I was so excited, I couldn’t stop jumping up & down!

Dog treatsMum & Dad didn’t know which one to let me try first: Peanut Butter & carrot, Lovely liver bites, Smoked Salmon Sensations or the Parmesan & Ham parcels. They decided to keep the carob chocolate & raw hide lolly til later, which was annoying because I wanted that first! Hope they don’t eat it! In the end, I tried all of the treats, one after another.

Delicious TreatsI liked the Peanut Butter & Carrot bones the most because Peanut Butter is my favourite, next to eating any food off Dad’s plate. But they are all really delicious. They are made with 100% natural ingredients, so they’re good for my tummy as well as my tastebuds. I can’t wait to try the carob lollipop on the rawhide stick, as I’m not allowed regular chocolate.

Dog friendly treatsThese are some of the best treats I’ve tasted. Plus, as they’re made with natural ingredients & handmade at Holly’s Little Bakery, I know that they’re full of goodness and there are no hidden nasties in there. At least, that’s what Mum & Dad were saying. All I know is that you can smell the real food in the treats & they taste amazing. Look at my face – would I lie?! I want all the treats… now!

PoppydogJust give me the treats and no one gets hurt!

Huge thanks to Holly’s Little Bakery for sending Poppy these treats. The fact that they smell like the ingredients & you can see the ham etc shows how natural they are. Perfect for the pooch in your life!

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