Say hello to the latest addition at Crafty Chai towers… 2 year old Poppy!









We’ve been wanting a little dog of our own for ages, but needed to get the garden secure beforehand. With that completed & out of the way, we registered at Blue Cross last weekend. We didn’t mind what type of dog we adopted as long as it was housetrained, not too big (as Crafty Chai towers is compact & bijou!) and supercute! We wanted to adopt a dog as there are so many dogs that need it, it wouldn’t feel right not to. Blue Cross told us that they update their website hourly! So we went home & started hitting the F5 button. The speed at which dogs were added and taken off was overwhelming, especially as there are some dogs on the site that have been there for a while. Heartbreaking. (If I had my way, I’d have all the dogs!)

Then, on Tuesday, little Poppy appeared. We had a look at her profile, had a chat and rang the centre to find out more. She was being rehomed due a relationship breakdown, had lived with small pets & a toddler and had a good temperment. We arranged to meet her on Friday.

We fell in love with her instantly. Poppy is a Spring Spaniel Bassett Hound cross – A Springbatt! I’d never come across this mix before, but she is a real mixture! Being more basset than spaniel, she has short front legs, beautiful hound eyes & giant ears. The back end of her is more spaniel, though she has the best bark which turns into quite the howl! I like the weird mixture – she’s really unique. It’s almost like someone has cut up a few different dogs & mixed them all together! Adorable! We met her again this morning, had some basic training to help her improve her recall & brought her home.

She does need a bit of training so will be attending classes, as she gets a little bit overexcited, but so far, so good. She has settled in well, and is curled up next to me, on the sofa, snoozing away, as I write this. She’s been in our home less than 6 hours & already I can’t imagine it without her. We’ve definitely made the right decision. I’ll try not to drown my social media feeds with pictures & videos of her, but she’s going to be a regular feature!

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    • Thanks! She’s adorable isn’t she?! We’re very lucky. She’s very gentle & easygoing, well, during the day time! And I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she sleeps through the whole night.

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