‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good.’

This is something that my Nana used to say & I couldn’t agree more. I am more of the ‘life is too short not to eat chocolate’ school of thought. So I don’t give things up for Lent, especially as I went without a few things during January in a bid to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. Instead, I try to put a positive spin on things, as denying myself chocolate will only end in tears! So I try to adopt a new positive habit for Lent. It’s a good way to enhance any January resolutions & continue the good intentions made at the start of the year all the way until Easter. So, as I’ve given up running & seeing some real results from doing the 30 Day Shred, I thought I should bring in some strength training in the form of Pilates. But, I’ve discovered that I like my exercise to be quick & easy to slot in at the start or the end of the day so went for the 10 Minute Solution – Pilates DVD.

10 Minute Solution Pilates

My new positive habit for lent is to complete one of the 10 minute workouts from this DVD every morning until Easter, & if it works, keep doing it! I always do some stretches in the morning anyway, for my back & my knee, so I’ve just added these on. I’ve only completed the Abs workout & did the Thighs & Bun workout this morning. One word: Ouch! The workout is fast & furious so I’m just working on learning the moves this week and will worry about improving them next week. I’m hoping it’ll help strengthen everything so when I start running again, whenever that is, I’ll be leaner & stronger. Fingers crossed!

What’s your view on Lent? Will you be giving anything up? Or adopting new good habits?

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