Last week, I received some very lovely chocolates in the post from Lindt. Eager to give them a taste test, I had to wait until January ended to have a bite. Boy was it worth the wait! I had two different types of Lindt Valentines chocolates: The classic Lindor Chocolate Truffle in a cute heart box (£4.99) and the Hello Thank You chocolates (£2.49).

Valentines Day chocolate

Lindor truffles

These tasty red chocs are not just for Christmas, and after the self-denial that January inevitably brings, having a box in the house is a welcome relief. They are, as you would expect, delicious and luxurious and a perfect present for Valentines Day – I know I would be very happy to recieve these.

Lindt Thank You chocolates

I have to say that this box of Lindt chocolates is my favourite! The chocolates taste decadent but it’s not going to cost you £’s or lbs! I’ve often looked for small boxes of chocolates, to say Thank You, but have been disappointed because I couldn’t find any that fitted my budget or the fact that a lot of recipients wouldn’t want a huge box of chocolates. This box fits the bill perfectly and reinforces my favourite motto, ‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good.’ Perfect!

I love these chocolates so much, I even made a little Vine film about them! Enjoy! (Just to let you know, there’s no sound in the video!)

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