So one of my non-crafty resolutions is to eat better. We’d got into a food rut & were only eating about 4 different dishes, not all of them healthy. So I did some research & looked through the mountains of cookbooks we have for some low-fat dishes that got us eating better. So here’s my first one:

Quorn Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom Stroganoff

I got the recipe from The Quorn Kitchen. This a great book which we use quite often for some of our regular dishes. And I’d had this meal at my OH’s mums house. She’d told me how easy it was & isn’t calorific. Quorn have loads of recipes on their website but this one isn’t on it. The closest one is this one, which I might try. Next time I have this I’ll have different veg. I didn’t think the peas worked well. Maybe cauliflower for me & broccoli for my OH.

It was quick, low-fat and tasty, and now a regular on my meal plan.

Good work Quorn!


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