Last week was National Cupcake Week. In order to support the week I thought I should have a cupcake. Alas, I was so busy I couldn’t get anywhere to get one. I tweeted this one day and got a response from the lovely people at Happy Cakes. They said that they would give me a cupcake! I couldn’t believe it. Naturally I responded & said I’d love one. Getting it to me proved to be a bit tricky but the ladies at Happy Cake had a solution – leave it a local hotel for me to pick up when I was in Oxford. It totally worked. I picked them up yesterday.

Now the proof of the pudding really is in the eating. And what a pudding! The cake was moist. The icing not to sweet or sickly & a little bit soft, which is how I like it. So not only did I see excellent customer service & a fantastic use of Twitter as a way of increasing brand awareness, I also got some blooming delicious cupcakes. And that is what is most important! Thank you so much Happy Cakes! You made me very happy! x

Happy Cupcakes

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