You know how it is over the festive period. There’s lots of festive food & treats about, but sometimes all you want is a veggie burger & fries. So you head out to your favourite burger place. But wait! It’s closed until the New Year! You do a quick Google search & find another burger joint not too far from you. The menu & the website look great so you head out in the rain & off to Nelson’s Diner. Which is exactly what we did last Saturday. We arrived at the diner & were seated in a booth. Yep, it’s a proper American-style 50’s diner. Awesome! We were both slightly put off by the amount of stuff on the table: 3 menus, not including our own A3 ones. And it has a bit of a tired feel to it. I loved all the Americana on the walls but the Christmas decorations on the window were a bit much.

We both chose milkshakes to drink – I had vanilla, while my OH had a chocolate one. They were delicious! And huge! The vanilla seemed to be like melted ice cream. It was creamy & rich = a real splurge. The chocolate one wasn’t as nice, it didn’t seem to be as luxurious as the vanilla one.

Nelsons Diner

I ordered a California veggie burger with regular fries. What arrived was a little disappointing. The veggie burger was the same that I can get up the road at the kebab takeaway. And I got two in one bun. Not only is that far too much food, even for me, but I expected better from an American style diner. The veggie options weren’t massive either. What is it with restaurants offering cheese & tomato food to veggies? What about jalapenos? Or chillies? Or BBQ sauce? Why make it bland? We don’t eat meat, but we still have taste buds!

My OH ordered the Chicago & he too was disappointed with the quality of the burger, feeling that it wasn’t anything special. There was nothing wrong with either of the burgers, but they were just ordinary. I think that we’ve been spoilt by having Atomic Burger on our doorstep and we compare everything to that. We didn’t have any room for pudding so we didn’t hang around.

Sadly I don’t think we’ll be going back, not while Atomic Burger exists. The food wasn’t special enough & despite having booths, the place needs a bit of a face lift. That being said, the milkshake was amazing and the best milkshake I’ve ever had. The waitresses were great & wore 50’s dress which was really cool. The best thing about this place is their website & their milkshake. But neither is enough to get me back there again.

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