I cannot remember how I found out about this delightful little idea but if you haven’t discovered NOTANOTHERBILL.com then you must have a look at the website. It is a genius & a lovely idea. I had a look at the website & thought I’d have a go. I paid £15 which is enough for a one month subscription. This meant that I would get one thing through the post that would brighten up my day & it wouldn’t be another stupid bill.

Not Another BillI wasn’t sure when it would arrive or what it would be but on Saturday I arrived home from the Woodstock Craft Fair to find a silver envelope on the door mat. I hadn’t told my OH who was instantly jealous that I’d got an exciting looking envelope through the post! 

I received this lovely necklace from a designer called Julianna Cassandro & love it as it’s not something that I would ordinarily choose myself but I think it’s lovely. I also love the way it’s been packaged. It came wrapped around an old postcard, in some black tissue paper. I really am impressed by these little touches so will definitely be using this website again. Friends & family can also expect to receive something from here in the future too!

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