Thursday night: Pad Thai Noodles are on the menu. This is something we discovered a few months ago. I was dubious. I think by now you’ll know that I’m a bit fussy & trying new things isn’t a strong suit of mine. But my OH said that he’d cook it. Fine. And guess what…it was delicious & has become a firm favourite.

Pad Thai Noodles

We use the Quorn recipe from their coookbook (seriously, if you haven’t got this yet, you need it. It’s great for meaties & veggies alike.) It’s really easy, but you have to prepare the ingredients before hand. It’s hot and tasty, with noodles & has a sprinkle of nuts on the top. We use the quick fry noodles. Not sure how healthy that is, but it’s quick & tasty.

Next time I’ll get a better picture – honest!

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