Lazy Coffee

Orla Kiely Mug

Orla Kiely MugLazy morning coffee? Why, don’t mind if I do! This is my favourite coffee cup. It’s just big enough for an Americano – my favourite coffee.

Friendly Baking


To say I love baking is somewhat of an understatement. I will bake whenever I have the opportunity (& the energy). Imagine my joy when I had the opportunity to provide cakes for people at work.

FlapjackOkay, okay, so I signed up for it & forced others to provide cakes too but it did provide me with a chance to make something a little bit different. I wanted to try making something for people with specific dietary requirements. So these flapjacks were made with gluten-free oats & using vegan ‘butter’ so that a variety of people could enjoy them. They were delicious & super easy to make. I’ll be making them again very soon for my OH who was my chief taste-tester & gave them a big thumbs up.

Chocolate Soya Milk Cupcakes Naturally I also made my lush chocolate cupcakes but I changed one of the ingredients. Instead of using regular whole milk, I forgot to buy this and had to use soya milk, which we use in our house all the time. There was no difference in taste but the icing didn’t ‘set’ very much. It was just as delicious and gave me a great opportunity to practice my icing skills. They went down very well at work & I think they look the best out of all the ones I’ve made, especially as some of them have my very lovely edible stars on them. 

Victoria Sponge BaseTo my surprise, the cake that received the best reviews was my sponge. My first blog contained a comment on this. I think the best thing about it is that I include whipped cream & the best raspberry jam in the middle. Now I don’t like sponge but I know it’s generally loved really well. Using Mary Berry’s recipe it turned out brilliantly, even though I was worried that it wouldn’t. Oven temperatures are the most stressful part of baking. Anyway, below is a picture of it cooling. I put it all together at work so that it would look it’s best. It went it about five minutes flat. Got to be the best review ever!

Mothers Day

Whoopie Pies

A few weeks ago I blogged about making my mum a Mother’s Day card but naturally couldn’t put it on here because she is an avid reader of A Crafty Chai!

Mothers Day Stitched Teapot CardAnyway here is the card that I embroidered for her. She was pretty impressed with it, which is relief as it took me all day to do it! It was quite an easy pattern to follow, although because there are so many colours in it it was quite fiddly. The card was from a pack I bought in Hobbycraft a while ago but I had to cut the hole into a square as the circle that was originally there was too small for the teapot. If my sewing skills were more professional I would have sewn ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ into the space above the teapot. But I am quite the beginner at this so I left it off!

The good bit is that I finished it in time to post home to her. Granny loved her homemade card too so Mother’s Day was quite the handmade success!

My OH & I also made something for his mum for Mother’s Day. She invited us round for dinner on the Friday & asked if I would like to bring the pudding. Given the chance to bake, I was more than happy to bring the pudding. We decided on whoopie pies, which a friend of mine has made & said how lush they are. We used the recipe from ‘Baking Made Easy‘ by Lorraine Pascale.

Whoopie PiesAfter gathering together all the weird and wonderful ingredients we began making them. It looks a bit gross to begin with but it all works out okay in the end. The most difficult bit was piping the mixture onto baking trays. The baking trays were probably a bit small & the measurements for the pies seemed quite large. They turned out okay though. One of the most frightening ingredients was the amount of icing sugar required for the butter cream filling – 400 grams! Not for those watching their calories. They were a great success & I’d happily make them again. I’ve since found a different recipe that has less calorific ingredients so will try that next time.

Atomic Breakfast

Atomic Breakfast

I love weekends and I love eating out. Combine the two and I’m a happy girl. When my OH suggested meeting some friends for breakfast at Atomic Burger I didn’t have to have my arm twisted. And knowing that they had a new menu made it even more lush.

In hindsight, I wish I’d had the Molly Ringwald. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my Charlie Brown pancakes but I was envious of the huge portions that everyone else got when I only had two pancakes. At least this means I’ll be going back to try it out! My OH had the Judd Nelson and was impressed by the amount of food he received. All this and endless cups of Joe – what’s not to love?!

Atomic BreakfastNot only that, for £1.50 we also bought a sticker book to get free food (and be super cool, natch!) I think this is a great idea – as if they need to give people a reason to go back for more! The service was always with a smile, which must have been tough on Sunday as there were some alarm/electrical issues. When we arrived & we were told we might not be able to get breakfast, to say I was gutted is an understatement so I didn’t mind waiting for food for a while.

I’ll definitely be going back for breakfast soon. If for no other reason than to get another sticker!