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A Crafty ChaiHello!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and take a look at A Crafty Chai. This blog is pretty much my little corner of the world! It covers things I’m passionate about: crafting, eating, drinking, exploring, creating and most of all, my beautiful little pooch, Poppy.

I don’t accept guest bloggers or written content, but am more than happy to write about other things, like something you’ve sent me for example. Maybe you’ve got a product that Poppy will love and want her to share her views with the world. We’d be more than happy to be involved! A few ground rules though… Please don’t ask me to hide a sponsored post from my readers because I’m just not going to do it. I can’t lie for toffee, either in person or online! For more information on how I run things here, take a look at my disclosure policy. I’m more than happy to collaborate on blogs, writing, social media, events and reviews.

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If you think that my blog and your product are made for each other, like Gin and Tonic, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Handmade Applique iPhone Case

handmade case

I’ve been really inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee. I will never be at that level – I don’t have the patience! But I like making things & being creative. So after I made my applique cushion cover, I decided to make a case for my iPhone. I’ve been meaning to do one for a while, even attempted a few but couldn’t get my measurements right. (Maths was never my strong point!) So I went freestyle. I took some basic measurements & sketched out my design, borrowed some techniques from the cushion cover & set to work.

cut up fabricI used the same linen fabric that I had made the cushion out of and then used the same applique technique to create the fabric chevrons. This was a lot trickier tho, as I didn’t create a template & it was really difficult to get the paper backing off the wonderweb. I used my phone as a template & cut the fabric round. I know! It’s not very technical but it worked!

front and back

I sewed the fabric pieces together, inserted some wadding, said a small prayer & hemmed the sides. This is usually where things come unstuck. Either the case is too small or too big or my sewing is a bit dodgy, but I checked throughout to make sure that the phone would fit inside easily. And guess what – it did.

finished case

I have to admit I am really pleased. I love this Liberty fabric and against the linen it really pops! The edges of the chevrons aren’t great, but they were really awkward. Plus I made this! What’s not to love about something homemade and unique?

handmade case

iphone case I’m so pleased! So many times, I try to make something using my sewing machine & something doesn’t go right. This time everything went really well. Very happy! What can I make next?

Handmade Applique Cushion Cover

Poppy cushion

One of the blogs that I follow over on Bloglovin’ is Design Sponge. A few weeks ago I saw a lovely post on how to make a Spring Applique Pillow, using Liberty fabric. This really interested me as I had an old wool cushion cover that was in terrible condition. So I decided to have a go at making my own cushion cover. Making a cushion cover is one thing, but this one had added difficulty in that it required Wonderweb and applique – I’d not used either before so was a little apprehensive. I made sure I set aside plenty of time & got all the instructions together then set to work.

fabric chevron


The cushion I needed to cover was 2″ bigger than the one in the blog post so I had to increase the cushion fabric and make about 4 more fabric chevrons. This was fine, as I had plenty of fabric, but did make for quite a lengthy applique process!

The Finished Article

chevron cushion

Poppy cushionEven Poppy approves! It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever made, with very few mistakes. I think that’s mainly to do with the instructions being so clear and me making sure I followed them to the letter. I might not be ready to join the Great British Sewing Bee, but my sewing skills are definitely improving! What do you think? Have you made anything recently?

Tuesday Treat – Handmade Goodies


On Saturday, while spring cleaning my study, I stood looking at the bits and pieces on the fireplace. And it occurred to me that they’re all handmade or have a story behind them. It made me smile! I’ve been in a bit of a craft dry spell recently. I’ve got a few projects hanging around that need finishing & I won’t let myself move on until they’re done. Seeing past projects gave me the boost that I needed & I’ve already finished one and am keen to get on and finish the others.

HandmadeThe fabric in the hoop is from Liberty & part of an ongoing project that I’m working on, Pinterest inspired. The lavender bag was made last summer, during the Olympics, using lavender from the backgarden. (I got lavender bits everywhere!) And I painted the jug over a year ago with my sister at a craft cafe in Narbeth. Don’t you love it when something you’ve made brings a smile to your face & a happy memory to your mind?