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Christmas Wish List – Bags

Christmas Wish List - Bags

Anyone else starting to think about Christmas? Yep, me too. I’m trying to think about what I need and am starting to look to see what’s out there. So over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a few wishlists that focus on things that I need from Santa.

One thing I do need is a new bag. One that I can take my laptop, notebook, pencil case & other handbag junk in. But I don’t want just any bag. I want something a bit different, unique, smart but cool. So here’s a small wish list of a few bags that are out there. Something that suits both work & casual trips to town. So, have a look at these beautiful bags. Which would you pick?

Christmas Wish List - Bags

Top left: Proenza
Schouler large tan leather satchel. Top right: Dr.
Martens flower Liberty print satchel. Middle: Alexander Wang Black Jane shoulder bag. Bottom left: Dr.
Martens flower Liberty print satchel. Bottom right: Marc Jacobs blue Natasha satchel.

Now this is a true wish list (Don’t worry, family members, I won’t expect all of these!). But how great are these bags. I really like the satchel style ones. They’re in style but quirky too. I think my favourite is the Dr. Martens flower Liberty print satchel. It’s bright, perfect for these dark winter days, & really cool. But then, when aren’t Dr. Martens products really cool?!

What do you think? Which one do you like the best? Have you started compiling a wish list? If so, why not leave a link in the comments section below. Why not start here, in the Liberty Bags section?

I am working with Liberty and this is a collaborative post.

A Crafty Chai Collaboration


Earlier this week, I opened my email to find something very interesting. An email from a lady called Lauren. Lauren works for a 4PS Marketing, who just so happen to have the wonderful Liberty, among so other fab companies, among their client list. She asked if I would be interested in collaborating with Liberty, and maybe some others, via this little blog. Would I?! As if I would turn that down! I nearly wept with joy when I was last in Liberty. Oh, the pretty things!


Regular readers will know that I enjoy trying new things, whether it’s a craft, a new restaurant or a new adventure, so I’m very excited about all the possibilities that this collaboration will hold. Don’t forget to check back soon to find out what I’ve been up to!

A Crafty Chai in Carnaby Street

Liberty Stationery

After quite a sleepless night in a very small hotel room, my OH & I headed out to Carnaby Street. We knew where we were going to get breakfast. When in London, there really is no other choice – The Breakfast Club. Not only do they do great choice for veggies, they do pancakes. Pancakes! My favourite breakfast food. I ordered the Veggie All American, which is pancakes, eggs, veggie sausage, mushroom & hash browns and I had a fresh orange juice too. It was perfect.

Breakfast Club Veggie Breakfast

After an amazing brunch, we had a look around at some of the fab shops in Carnaby Street. Then we headed to Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar, where I enjoyed an amazing pot of tea & my OH had a very decent flat white. It had a really lovely atmosphere & I was given instructions on how long to let my tea brew. Not only did they serve excellent tea, in a tea pot, they knew how to make it. This is a big deal, as so many places can’t make a decent cup of tea. Speakeasy is a great place where you can sit, relax & watch the world go by. I can highly recommend it.

We then headed for Liberty where I fell in love. Twice. First, I fell in love with the stationery section. I love post-it notes and there were hundreds of different styles. Sadly, I’m pretty well stocked up on sticky notes so managed to restrain myself. But I did buy the card above – well, look at it! How could I leave it there?! The second time I fell in love at Liberty was in the haberdashery section – obviously! There were so many different fabrics & beautiful yarns there. I looked for something in the sale and was rewarded with a gorgeous Rowan pattern book for just £2. I was drawn to it because of the jumper on the front. All I need to do is find some nice but inexpensive wool to knit the lush jumper!

Liberty Stationery

Finally, following a tip from @alexbw, we headed for a quick drink & snack at Sacred Cafe before making our way back to the train station. He’d told us to get a savoury muffin. Boy was he right. They were absolutely delicious. They arrived at our table toasted & with butter & were amazing. They were really filling and I couldn’t finish mine. I washed mine down with a chai & my OH had, you guessed it, a flat white (would you expect anything else?!).

Sacred Cafe Muffins

All in all, we had a lovely time in London. We went, we looked around, we ate, we came home. Perfect!