Last week, my mum came and stayed with us here at Crafty Chai towers. Not only that, but she brought Harvey along with her. Harvey is my sisters dog. He is a Welsh Cocker Spaniel and was a puppy when my sister got him, 13 years ago! Harvey is an old man who likes things just so. He’s a little bit grumpy and his health, hearing and eyesight is not what it was. He has no patience for the likes of Poppy! This made for quite an uneasy alliance between the two, with one thing in common – me!

Tolerating dogs

They’ve met a few times now and while they tolerate each other, they are by no means friends. Poppy wants Harvey to run and play with her, but Harvey does not want to do this. Harvey wants to eat and sleep and have a little attention but that’s about it. Harvey also wants to sleep in all the beds and on the sofa, meaning that Poppy spent a lot of time nesting on our bed instead. (Though Poppy isn’t allowed to sleep in his bed!)

Over the few days that Harvey stayed, we learnt that our house is too small to have two dogs in it on a permanent basis. Also, walking them together was difficult too, as Poppy likes to walk fast and chase squirrels, whereas Harvey plods along, barking at anything unfamiliar, having little rests along the way. Poppy also likes to finish off anything from Harvey’s food bowl, something that Harvey did not like and they almost came to blows over this. They also got a bit jealous of each other with me. If I was giving Poppy attention, Harvey would come over to get his share and vice versa.

The one thing they did bond over was cats! One afternoon, while sitting out in the garden, despite his poor eyesight, Harvey spotted a cat strolling along the back wall and sprinted down the garden, barking away, with Poppy hot on his heels! There’s life in the old dog yet!

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