How was your Christmas? It seems like it was ages ago doesn’t it? Ours was very lovely and very relaxed. We spent most of it at home and had my Mum up to stay. My OH’s Mum & Stepdad cooked Christmas for us all, which was lovely, and Poppy was bathed in attention by everyone! We’re very lucky in that Poppy is pretty easy going when we’re around. She loves having people over as it’s another person who’ll rub her belly so it’s fair to say that Poppy had a pretty good Christmas too.

Sleeping dog

We were careful not to overfeed her with treats, but as we wanted her to be entertained during Christmas dinner, we bought a massive pizzle from our local pet shop. It was huge! We cut it in half, and even then it was almost as long as Poppy. But it worked and it kept her busy during lunch, which is what we wanted. Given the opportunity, Poppy will eat all day, every day, so we had to make sure she didn’t make herself sick so we took the pizzle away from her before she finished it so that she didn’t over do it. She was exhausted from the pizzle, the general attention and running around while the food was cooking. She was so tired that she slept in on Boxing Day and continued to sleep a lot during the day. Result!

Beautiful dog eyes

Walking her over the festive period was quite tricky. Not only were we all in lazy mode, but the weather wasn’t particularly nice. While we’ve all got raincoats, including Poppy, none of us wanted to go out in the rain. After a particularly unpleasant drenching recently, I’ve bought some new waterproof trousers to go over my jeans when I’m walking her. Typically, I’ve not needed them since I bought them, but judging by the forecast, I’m probably going to get to wear them a lot over the next few days. Hands up if you miss summer!

waterproof trousers

We didn’t seem to take many pictures of Poppy over the Christmas period, which she was probably grateful for. The one thing we wanted to do was take a picture of her in a Christmas outfit, but we left it too late and couldn’t find one. So we’ve got to be more organised next year because she would look awesome in a little Santa outfit!

How was your Christmas? Did your pets get any presents from Father Christmas?

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