We didn’t have much a bank holiday planned, but we did want to relax as much as possible. So we decided to head into Oxford for a bit of breakfast and a bit of shopping. I’d seen on Twitter that the Jam Factory had a new breakfast menu so was really keen to give it a try, mainly because it contained pancakes! My favourite breakfast of all time! I had a quick look at the menu to see if there were any options with it (I’m partial to a fried egg or two with my pancakes!) & there were a few. You could have banana, blueberry compote or chocolate chips with it. I opted for blueberry compote, imagining that it would come in small dish on the side. I also ordered a chai latte, mainly because I was curious to see how it would taste, as it’s not a particularly common drink. My OH ordered a breakfast burrito & an orange juice.

chaiThe drinks arrived first & I was pleasantly surprised by my chai latte. It was really tasty, lots of spice without it being overpowering. The only thing wrong with it is that it wasn’t warm enough for my tastes. I do like my chai & my tea really hot, and this is a common complaint I have when ordering chai in cafes.

PancakesThen the food arrived. I was pretty disappointed. Not only were my pancakes covered in the compote (not what I was expecting or what I wanted) but they’d also been covered in icing sugar. What is this obsession that cafes have in this country with dusting everything with icing sugar?! Not necessary! The pancakes tasted great but they were a little on the small side and I could’ve done with 1 or 2 more. I really enjoy having breakfast out – it feels really decadent. So when I don’t get what I’m expecting, I’m always disappointed & I felt that we shouldn’t have bothered, even my OH was disappointed with his burrito as it wasn’t very warm.

I really like the Jam Factory. I like what they do & it has a great atmosphere. But we felt that paid a lot of money for very little breakfast, especially when we could’ve had a bigger, more filling breakfast elsewhere in Oxford, for less money. I’ll happily go back to the Jam Factory, for lunch or elevenses but I won’t be having breakfast there again. Such a shame.

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