One of the major drawbacks about giving up my job & living a thrifty life is that I can no longer support the handful of charities that are close to my heart.

Every month I gave money to Oxfam (love their work), Dogs Trust (will rectify this by adopting one of their pooches one day) and Cancer Research. My grandfather died from Prostate cancer nearly 12 years ago and I’ve supported them ever since, until recently. In a bid to raise money for Cancer Research, I’ve decided to do the Race for Life…again.

I ran/jogged the race for life back in 2009. I was at the peak of my physical fitness, running three times a week. I ran the 5k in 38 minutes. As this was the first time I’d ever run 5k, I was pretty impressed with that.

Since then, my running has become non-existent. Through work stress & injury I had to stop. But now I’m ready to make my comeback & what better way than to run the race for life. So just as I’m about to start training, with the use of Couch to 5k that I found via Domesticali, the weather turns & it’s -1 outside. I know from experience that running in the cold is fine as long as you were running before it got cold. Oh dear. I was supposed to start this week, but that hasn’t happened. But I will have to start next week. I am worried about old injuries reappearing for example, my knee cap isn’t in the right place (it’s kind of on its side!) & causes my muscles to work at the wrong levels. This is ouchy. So I need to help my legs get stronger as my fitness improves.

I know this isn’t very crafty, but it will be something that I reflect on every now and then, as well as making shameless plugs for sponsorship! You can sponsor me here. I think it will be the sponsorship money that gets me out the door when the weather is miserable & all I’ll want to be doing is knitting by the fire under my blanket.

Run Crafty Chai

The picture below is of me before the race in 2009. I hope that I’ll be smiling again in July! x

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