Some of you may have picked up on the fact that I’m a pretty rubbish vegetarian in that I’m not a huge fan of vegetables. But my new meal plan is all about eating more veg so…

Spicy Vegetarian Curry

Spicy Veg Curry

I Googled something to do with lowering cholesterol (feel so middle aged!) Google¬†replied with the NHS website. They’ve got this awesome tool called the ‘5 a day weekly planner‘ & you can plan it so that you’re getting your 5 a day. Not only that, it comes with loads of recipes like the one above.

As I was preparing the ingredients for last nights¬†dinner I started to get worried. It required a whole aubergine. Now I’m not a massive fan of aubergines & we were flying solo without any Quorn but I am happy to report that this meal is pretty good. The curry paste permeates the aubergine really well. It has relatively few ingredients so is quick to prepare & the yoghurt on the top finishes it off nicely. And this meal alone counts as 2 of your five a day. Winner winner…x

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