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Tuesday Treat – Autumn

I often thought that autumn was my favourite season. After a long hot summer, autumn would break winter in gently, all the while reminding us why we love layers and tights without giving us frostbite. And the last few autumnal days have been a real treat. Bright, chilly mornings; warm sunny days, evenings spent wrapped up on the sofa under my blanket.

Autumnal oxford

I’ve since realised that I’m happy with any season, as long as the weather is how it’s supposed to be. For example, I’m happy with winter, as long as it’s cold and you can wrap up warm in bobble hats and scarves, sit by the fire drinking mulled wine. I’m equally happy in summer, as long as the sun shines and it’s lovely and warm. All autumn has to do is help us transition from one (lackluster) season to another, as gently as possible. I for one can’t wait to heat up the mull and light the fire!

Autumn Jumpers

Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons and my wardrobe reflects that. I am waiting for the opportunity to wear all the lovely woollens that are filling my wardrobe, wrap myself in a blanket on the sofa and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate. I love autumn because:

  • The weather gets cooler and it’s more socially acceptable to wear jumpers and wooly tights and be wrapped up in blankets. I spend most seasons like this!
  • The way the outside changes, from to green to red and orange.
  • Lighting fires and candles as the nights draw in.
  • Heading out on long walks, with scarves and gloves
  • The perfectly acceptable excuse to hibernate (I’m dreaming about hibernating in the picture below. Don’t think Naomi Campbell has got anything to worry about from me!)

Barbour Knitwear

I do love a good jumper too. So much so that when it’s warm and it’s too hot to wear a jumper, I’m at a loss as to what I should wear! It’s also one of the reasons I love Harry Potter so much. Hermione has such a great jumper selection. I would love her wardrobe! So when the folks over at Barbour asked if they could send me a jumper, I was so excited! And I’ve been waiting and waiting for the weather to get cool enough and for autumn to actually arrive before I wrote about it. (So long summer, you’ve outstayed your welcome!)

Barbour Jumper

I love this (c/o) jumper, it’s warm enough that you can wear it on it’s at own but also roomy enough to add layers underneath when it gets colder. I’m also really like that the v neck isn’t that low, as it means you don’t *have* to wear something underneath if you don’t want to. It’s also smart enough to wear to work or the office, and wouldn’t look out of place down the pub or on a ramble in the country. Whether you want to dress it up with a scarf, dress it down with a gilet and jeans, it’s going to be my go to jumper over autumn and winter for sure. All I have to do is make sure I don’t ruin it in the wash and it should last for ever. Now that’s what I call a good jumper! I think it would look great with these:

Autumn Wardrobe


Roskestal Skirt – Seasalt // Smithy Bootcut Jeans – Fat Face //

Courtney Black Shoes – Bourgeois Boheme // Chelsea Boots – Wills //

Pair the jumper with the skirt and heels and a funky pair of woolen tights and you’ve got a great Sunday lunch outfit. Heading out for a brisk walk with the dog? Throw on the jumper with the jeans and these Chelsea boots and head out on a ramble! The perfect Autumn outfit!

Are you looking forward to changing your wardrobe and adding woollens and tights? Or are you missing the summer already?

*Disclosure: I was sent the jumper for review purposes. As ever, opinions are my own.

Tuesday Treat – Tea and Kate

Hello! How’s your week treating you? I’m not going to lie, all I want to do at the moment is knit! It’s something to do with the change of season – I’m getting ready to hibernate! As I’m feeling all creative, finding sources of inspiration online is giving me a real boost. This week, Tea and Kate appeared in my Twitter timeline and I’m so pleased it did. It’s a beautiful online store that sells beautiful, beautiful things. I think I’m a little bit in love with it! One of my favourite things on the site is this lovely duvet set.

polka dot duvet case

{Image Source}

I can just imagine having a lazy Sunday morning lie in, with a brew and Poppy curled up by my side in this duvet set! See – hibernation! I can already tell that I’m going to be a regular at Tea and Kate, especially as we’re focusing on redecorating our offices and bedroom over the coming months. I need inspiration, storage and pretty things in spades! Love autumn!

It’s been a tough week…

It started on Sunday with having a really bad back, which took days to right itself (though it’s painful again today). Then work kicked off big style, including moving this blog to a new host, which meant downtime & database ‘issues’, which translate to me not having ticked a box, when I should have. At least it was an easy fix, even if it took a while figuring it out. Then today I had to take my car for it’s MOT & service. While it passed everything, it needs repairs that I cannot afford. Hello credit card. Not what you want just before Christmas. I have been exhausted all week & after the database issue, I have not felt like blogging at all. I’ve been too tired to do any crafting in the evening, so it’s just as well I finished off my second & final homemade gift at the beginning of the week. I do feel a sense of impending doom as Christmas approaches. There’s always so much to do, even though we’re not hosting but I want everything to be right and for us all to relax as much as possible. I’m actually in denial about how close Christmas is! Even my pretty desk flowers aren’t doing much to pick me up 🙁

desk flowersI think part of it is the darkness. Not only is it getting dark so early on in the day, but the room I spend the day in is in the darkest part of the house and has no ceiling light. This means I have to rely on lamps, which never seem to give out enough light & I feel like I’m working in shadow for most of the day. How I haven’t had a crying fit yet is a miracle! So tonight, I’m going to dive into a vat of wine and spend most of tomorrow on the sofa, drinking mulled wine, eating chocolate, doing a bit of Christmas decorating and watching Christmas films. Elf arrived on Blu Ray this morning so am looking forward to watching that tomorrow.

Are you in the festive spirit yet? Or are you like me, a bit Bah Humbug & just looking forward to the time off & putting your feet up?