A few weeks ago, my OH’s sister got married. For the floral decorations, we decorated the venue with dried flowers. They were beautiful! And I had my eye on a few to use at home after the day was over. The thing about dried flowers is that they last, so when pennies are tight & you can’t afford fresh flowers, these work a treat. Here’s how I used them.

Autumnal flowersThese fit perfectly in the beer bottle in front of the fireplace in my study. (Please ignore the blue towel that the fireplace is resting on! It needs a spruce before being attached to the wall!)

vintage milk jugI’m always looking for flowers to go in this vintage jug, but you need a lot of flowers to make them look effective. I love the oranges against the green of the walls.

gourdsNothing says autumn to me like gourds! I love having them in the house & keep them as long as possible. They’re so festive & manage to brighten up any space. Try it!

floral displayI love the colour these bring, which is important at this time of year when it feels so much darker all the time. How do you decorate your home in autumn?