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My Birthday Wish List


I want things all the time. I pin them, blog about them, tweet about them & Facebook them. But when my birthday comes around & people say, ‘What would you like for your birthday?’ my mind goes blank! So I thought I’d spend some time thinking about what I’d really like, something that I would really enjoy. I’d like a mixture of treats, practical things as well as things I can do. So here goes!

Cross Stitch Kit

Sewing KitI’ve wanted this cross stitch kit for ages! Our walls are a little bit bare, since I’ve been terrified to put anything up on our newly plastered walls! (They were redone when we moved in – 3 years ago!) But I think this would go quite nicely with something I’m working on.

Bespoke Lampshade Workshop

lampshade class

We desperately need some new lampshades, but I really want to have a go at making my own. I’d love to go to a lampshade workshop to learn how to do it – at least that way I’d have at least one new shade to hang in the house!

Apothecary Jar


Now I don’t really need this, but I love it! And I’ve already thought about all the different beautiful flowers that could go in it. Perfect for bringing a bit of the outside in.


PeoniesPeonies are my favourite flower. They are so cheerful & remind me of summer. I’m definitely going to plant a peony bush in the garden when we get around to it, but for now I’d settle for a small bunch of them!

Succulent Plants


I am obsessed with succulents at the moment. They seem to be everywhere! I’ve got a few containers that would look great with succulents in them. Plus I’m thinking that they’re easy to take care of, which is a very good thing as far as I’m concerned!

Dr Martens – Boots

DMBootsSince we adopted Poppy, we’re doing a lot more walking. I’d love a new pair of Dr Martens to go out in. I can remember having a few pairs of these when I was a teenager – so wish I hadn’t thrown them out!

Dr Martens – Bag


I still need a bag big enough to carry my laptop in as well as all my bag stuff. I hate having to carry lots of bags, but I need a stylish bag that can hold as much stuff as Mary Poppin’s carpet bag!

Veggie Fizzy Cola Bottles

Veggie Fizzy cola bottlesThese were my favourite sweets as a kid – my pick’n’mix bag was always full of them! But since turning veggie, they’re really hard to come by so I save them for birthday treats. Lush!

Sipsmith Gin

GinI love a good G&T in the Summer! Sitting in the garden, with a good book & the sun going down, and a delicious G&T in my glass! What could be better?!

Gilmore Girls – Season 2


I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan! I love the place, the people & want to move there! I’ve only got Season 1 on DVD so I need to add the next one to my collection!

The Walking Dead – Season 2


I am also completely obsessed with zombies & am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. I’m devastated that I can’t watch Season 3 yet because we don’t have the right channel so for the moment, I’d like the Season 2 box set to keep me going.

If I had to choose one thing though, I think I’d have to go for the peonies! They are just so lovely! I also definitely want cake and lots of it! How about you? What one thing do you want for your next birthday?

Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthday Bunting and Balloons

It was my birthday on Monday & despite not feeling much like celebrating I was very spoilt! I didn’t send out a birthday list but I am impressed by all the presents I’ve received. I really am very lucky & very loved.

Upon getting home from work I was greeted by Birthday Bunting and Balloons pretty birthday bunting & balloons that my amazingly lovely OH had decorated our dining area with. Not only that but he had my chai ready & waiting to make for me. And he’d bought fancy Waitrose cupcakes with girly little candles in. I was so surprised! (It’s possible that I might have cried a little bit! I’d had a bit of a poo day at work!) I was also promised tea of my choice which is always a Chinese takeaway. Not only that but my Super OH had explored a few takeaways in the area for me to pick my favourite one. It was lush!

Birthday TableMy presents were all displayed on the kitchen table ready for me to open. I was really amazed by the generosity of my family & friends (including you Mum!) I got some really amazing presents including some sew-your-own Owls (complete with home), make your own candles, some super lush Jo Malone Red Roses perfume, Double Stuff Oreo’s & a beautiful bottle of Hendricks Gin. I cannot wait to have a go at making all these things & eating my oreos while drinking some lush gin.

However, the present of the day came from my lovely OH. I have been going on about Mollie Makes magazine for ages since it exploded over Twitter. I’ve been looking for the first one but to no avail. Not only have I now got a subscription but I actually have a copy of the magazine, which I am going to read through as soon as I’ve finished this blog post. I was so shocked to open it up! Outstanding!